Openbox gray screen

2007-04-24 Thread Omar Yasseen
Hi All, Problem: Opening CygwinX with Openbox and getting a window with gray screen background. Like this: grayscreen.GIF Part(1) My installation steps: * Downloaded CygwinX setup.exe. * Invoked exe and installed default packages. * I then invoked the exe again and selected ALL modules under

Re: Windows Vista

2007-04-24 Thread Scott Fordin
Brian Dessent wrote: Scott Fordin wrote: Also make sure that you run the Cygwin setup as Administrator. Eh? I just installed on Vista yesterday and all I had to do was click on setup.exe. Vista asked to run it as administrator since the executable is named setup.exe. I didn't have to do

problems with startx

2007-04-24 Thread Mariana Silva
Hello I finally completed the installation of cygwin/X in my computer (thank you for the previous help with that!). When I try to run startx following the instruction on the user guide, the program stops and I can not do anything else but close the windows. I have no idea how to fix that...