X Server cycling when trying to connect to gdm/dtlogin.

2006-10-03 Thread Ray Van Dolson
I'm trying to use Cygwin/X to connect to remote machines' gdm or dtlogin session managers. If I run: XWin.exe -query hostname I get the session login screen, can enter in my username and password and see the desktop clear and appear to begin loading. Then all of the sudden the X window quits

Re: 1.5.21: startxwin.sh works, startxwin.bat does not work

2006-10-03 Thread Scott Fordin
René Berber wrote: Scott Fordin wrote: [snip] Strange thing though is that it does work on another machine. Very strange, the differences you sent don't show an invalid script at all. One of the 2 files has \r\n endings (that's the reason for the first 2 differences) but as long as they are