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2007-08-29 Thread Thorsten Kampe
* Ronald Fischer (Wed, 29 Aug 2007 10:20:18 +0200) Thorsten wrote: I have two issues that I've been experiencing for quite a long time: * using a terminal and a shell I often have to enter Enter or Tab twice to get the desired effect. How come? [...] At the time the OP had just

RE: RE: RE: RE: Two issues with Xwin

2007-08-29 Thread Ronald Fischer
It's not Zsh that's eating my Enter (or Tab) key but X (or maybe the terminal emulator). It doesn't happen all the time but often. I can't find any pattern in this. I sometimes find that I have to wait 10-40 seconds or so until the completions are shown. Or, when I do a ls /usr/bin (for

XWIN performance

2007-08-29 Thread Michael Giroux
I'm having some trouble running xwin. Essentially, when I right-click a menu, then move the mouse over the context menu, it takes up to 30 seconds for the selection to highlight. The remote system and my system are both running nearly idle, so I suspect tcp/ip buffering is happing. Are there