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2007-08-29 Thread Thorsten Kampe
* Ronald Fischer (Wed, 29 Aug 2007 10:20:18 +0200)
  Thorsten wrote:
  I have two issues that I've been experiencing for quite a long time:
  * using a terminal and a shell I often have to enter Enter or Tab
  twice to get the desired effect. How come?
 At the time the OP had just mentioned the problem, I thought that indeed
 the differences could be cygwin related: When I run my X11 rxvt (from
 startxwin.bat), different dot files in my home directory are sourced
 than when I start a shell from the command line (outside X). There is
 no mystery about this and has to do with the rules according to which
 the shells (bash, zsh,...) read their dot-files.
 But in the last mail, the OP said he has ONLY one dot-file, i.e. .zshrc,
 (meaning it will be read in every interactive shell, be it login shell
 or not) AND he is using zsh in both cases, AND he has no settings
 related to
 completion, AND still completion works in a different way in both cases.
 To track down this mystery, I think it is worth digging down what other
 configuration files (besides those in $HOME) might affect zsh. Since
 I am not that big an zsh expert, and since no other posting so far
 I missed one) gave any information about zsh, I think it was a
 reasonable advice to post this issue to the zsh mailing list as well -
 don't you think so?
  they COULD have different zsh binaries sourcing different environment
  files, but it's far more likely that Cygwin/X is misbehaving than that
  Thorsten somehow managed to find a zsh binary that sometimes eats the
  enter key.  
 As for the enter key, you are right. In his first posting, Thorsten
 mentioned the Enter or Tab key on the first try. Since both keys 
 are used in the context of completion, I guessed it was a completion 
 issue - and  Thorsten at least did not directly contradict this.
 You seem to suggest that he meant that in *every* usage of enter
 and tab, the first one has been eaten? If this were the case, it
 would indeed change the picture, and maybe Thorsten could clarify
 this issue.

It's not Zsh that's eating my Enter (or Tab) key but X (or maybe the 
terminal emulator). It doesn't happen all the time but often. I 
can't find any pattern in this.

Sometimes I think that I'm just stupid and don't press that Enter key 
hard enough but that can't be the reason. Why would Konsole require 
the Enter key to be pressed harder?!

I'm using Konsole (either via X forwarding or the Konsole Cygwin exe) 
so I don't whether it happens with other terminals. I don't use Rxvt 
under X because I looks very ugly and I can't make it display my 
preferred font (Dejavu Mono).


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RE: RE: RE: RE: Two issues with Xwin

2007-08-29 Thread Ronald Fischer
 It's not Zsh that's eating my Enter (or Tab) key but X (or maybe the 
 terminal emulator). It doesn't happen all the time but often. I 
 can't find any pattern in this.

I sometimes find that I have to wait 10-40 seconds or so until the
are shown. Or, when I do a ls /usr/bin (for instance), sometimes I see
the result 
immediately, sometimes it takes 10-15 seconds after pressing 
the enter key, until the files are displayed. Could be attributed 
in my case to networking issues (my $HOME is on a Samba-mounted 
netdrive), so it could be a timing/caching issue.

But this does, of course, not explain why your two terminals should
differently. You did not say how frequent this occurs. Could it be that
it happens rarely enough, that just by accident you have observed it
with one terminal type, but not with the other? Does the X terminal
eat other keys too when you are typing fast? And I still would find it
worth a try - despite what has been suggested earlier in this thread -
to see whether 
the same behaviour exists with bash (or other applications reading

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XWIN performance

2007-08-29 Thread Michael Giroux
I'm having some trouble running xwin.  Essentially, when I right-click
a menu, then move the mouse over the context menu, it takes up to 30
seconds for the selection to highlight.

The remote system and my system are both running nearly idle, so I
suspect tcp/ip buffering is happing.

Are there any config options to make the mouse more responsive?


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