Downgrading cygwin/x and/or cygwin

2010-02-10 Thread Humann, Wolfram
Hi, I'm not sure I can provide something much more useful than the lame it worked in a previous installation -- that's why I consider downgrading. Here's what I can provide: - My current cygwin is version 1.7.1-1, my Cygwin/X is - I run 'XWin -multiwindow -clipboard -emulate3buttons' -

Cygwin/X and Vista and UAC

2010-02-10 Thread Dr. M. C. Nelson
I am trying to setup Cygwin/X for a Vista machine After setting some executables to run as administrator, and then after cleaning up some lock files and log files, the x server and applications can be run by a user with administrator privileges. BUT, 1) The x startup (by any method) throws a

Re: How to remotly launch application with SSH and Cygwin/X server

2010-02-10 Thread Fabien Tillay
Ok thanks for your information Larry. When I enable Allow service to interact with desktop, If I launch from X a ssh command to Y with firefox it launches the Firefox window now but not in its normal form. We have the Firebox taskbar entry with the border of the application, but not the main tab.