Re: Cygwin/X 1.7 keyboard/mouse freeze shortly after Xwin login to Solaris

2010-02-11 Thread Mark Veneziano
As a workaround, XWin 1.6.5 seems to work without this problem, and doesn't require downgrading one's entire Cygwin installation. For anyone else having this problem and contemplating downgrading to the legacy Cygwin, leave Cygwin 1.7.1 installed. Grab the xorg-server-1.6.5-1 binaries from

Re: Downgrading cygwin/x and/or cygwin

2010-02-11 Thread Jon TURNEY
On 10/02/2010 12:36, Humann, Wolfram wrote: I'm not sure I can provide something much more useful than the lame it worked in a previous installation -- that's why I consider downgrading. Here's what I can provide: - My current cygwin is version 1.7.1-1, my Cygwin/X is - I run 'XWin

Help with installing cygwin-x for vista

2010-02-11 Thread Radhakrishnan Rathnachalam
Hello: I have windows vista. I installed cygwin-x and double clicked on the cygwin icon on the desktop. It opened up a new terminal. But, when I issued commands like pwd, ls etc it did not give any responds as expedcted. So, I deleted the cygwin thinking that I might have made some mistakes

Wanna meet?

2010-02-11 Thread Ashley
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