Re: Multiple passports?

2005-11-01 Thread Ken Brown
Bill Stewart wrote: When I saw the title of this thread, I was assuming it would be about getting Mozambique or Sealand or other passports of convenience or coolness-factor like the Old-School Cypherpunks used to do :-) Actually the only passports that are significantly more convenient than

Re: The ghost of Cypherpunks

2005-09-19 Thread ken
R.A. Hettinga wrote: You're damn right it's political. Especially if you're a Marxist, or some, shall we say homeopathic variant thereof: after all, the personal is political, right? Assuming that you mean feminism is a variant of Marxism, what exactly do you mean by Marxism?

Re: The ghost of Cypherpunks

2005-09-19 Thread ken
James A. Donald wrote: -- From: ken [EMAIL PROTECTED] Do you really think that politics only exists where there is a state? I'd have thought the opposite is true. Most states actively prevent most people participating in politics. The more authoritarian the state

Re: The ghost of Cypherpunks

2005-09-15 Thread ken
James A. Donald wrote: That is it. This is the ghost of cypherpunks. Or maybe its counterpart fossil. As GK Chesterton said about most nominal Christianity in the world in his day - the original had rotted away leaving a space of the same shape and size. Like the impression of a leaf

Re: The Nazification Of America (Show Me Your Papers - Day 1)

2005-07-05 Thread ken
J.A. Terranson wrote: Durbin was right. And he didn't even scratch the surface! Anyone who thinks this Real ID Act is about getting false ID out of the hands of The Terrorists is an idiot: they will simply print their own drivers licenses - this is about forcing the regular population to get

Re: How to Stop Junk E-Mail: Charge for the Stamp

2005-03-03 Thread ken
My view - as controversial as ever - is that the problem is unfixable, and mail will eventually fade away. That which will take its place is p2p / IM / chat / SMS based. Which are easier to spam and less secure than smtp. SMTP is p2p by definition, though you can use servers if you want. SMS

Re: What is a cypherpunk?

2005-02-14 Thread ken
James A. Donald wrote: The state was created to attack private property rights - to steal stuff. Some rich people are beneficiaries, but from the beginning, always at the expense of other rich people. More commonly states defend the rich against the poor. They are what underpins property

Re: Fallujah: Marine Eye-Witness Report

2004-11-23 Thread ken
The current war against western civilization started in the 1920's, when Qutb started writing his Moslem triumphalist blather in reaction to the complete collapse of the Turkish Caliphate in the wake of World War I. Eh? OK, I wouldn't have expected you to have heard of Uthman dan Fodio and the

Re: Fallujah: Marine Eye-Witness Report

2004-11-23 Thread ken
R.A. Hettinga wrote: Apparently, understanding the recursive minutiae of the Levant, et al., the old-fashioned received, regurgitated, OxBridge way didn't help y'all too much when it came to Fabianizing yourselves back to the stone-age, either, since we're on the subject of neo-feudalist

Re: A Tale of Two Maps

2004-11-22 Thread ken
R.A. Hettinga posted: Tech Central Station A Tale of Two Maps By Patrick Cox Here is a map showing U.S. population density in 1990:

Re: China's wealthy bypass the banks

2004-11-12 Thread ken
China stagnated because no thought other than official thought occurred. And when was this stagnation? And what were the reasons China did not stagnate for the previous thousand years?

Re: Declaration of Expulsion: A Modest Proposal

2004-11-10 Thread ken
Roy M. Silvernail wrote: On Wed, 2004-11-03 at 23:30 -0500, R.A. Hettinga wrote: Declaration of Expulsion: A Modest Proposal It's Time to Reconfigure the United States Chuckle-worthy, if not outright funny. Interestingly, I could see

Re: This Memorable Day

2004-11-10 Thread ken
James A. Donald wrote: So far the Pentagon has shattered the enemy while suffering casualties of about a thousand, which is roughly the same number of casualties as the British empire suffered doing regime change on the Zulu empire - an empire of a quarter of a million semi naked savages mostly

Re: Ask yourselves why we didn't attack Sweden

2004-11-01 Thread ken
R.A. Hettinga wrote: At 9:09 PM -0700 10/30/04, Major Variola (ret) wrote: I'm surprised the Ask yourselves why we didn't attack Sweden comment isn't discussed more HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE: The National Conservative Weekly Since 1944 [Heap

Re: Geodesic neoconservative empire

2004-11-01 Thread ken
Bill Stewart wrote: On Fri, 29 Oct 2004, James A. Donald wrote: This presupposes the US intends to rule Afghanistan and Iraq, which is manifestly false. Since this chain started by ragging on RAH about it being a _geodesic_ neo-{Khan, con-men} empire, you're both correct - there isn't a

Re: Geopolitical Darwin Awards

2004-09-17 Thread ken
Tyler Durden wrote: Who, the Iranians? Which ones are fanatics? I'll grant there are some fanatics left in Iran, but Iran seems increasingly dominated by fairly sleezy clergy/judges. Like any government, theirs is deteriorating into a mere racket. And if you ask me, fanaticism never lasts very

Re: Forest Fire responsible for a 2.5mi *mushroom cloud*?

2004-09-13 Thread ken
J.A. Terranson wrote: On Sun, 12 Sep 2004, Thomas Shaddack wrote: The forest fire claim sounds more plausible in this regard. An existing cloud could be used for masking, though. Wait a minute: since when does a forest fire create explosions? Or have enough ground force to push up a mushroom

Re: Texas oil refineries, a White Van, and Al Qaeda

2004-08-05 Thread ken
An Metet wrote: The person in question was just somebody with a weakness for industrial architecture. *I've* taken pictures of oil-company installations in Houston and Galveston and points between. Who do I turn myself in to? I also walk or cycle all over London take photos of just about

Re: Terror in the Skies, Again?

2004-07-26 Thread ken
Tyler Durden wrote: Sounds to me like Al-Qaeda is just getting the most mileage they can out of their little PR Event a couple of years ago. They don't even need to blow up anything to get the most bang for their buck. Hell, in this story the biggest threat was the incompetence of the airline.

Re: All your data belongs to Redmond

2004-07-08 Thread Ken Hirsch
See and Major Variola wrote: I am currently working as a security consultant at a major kiretsu that makes printers/fax/copiers/scanners. Important eg in a hospital where HIPAA requires that info

Re: My name is Jyyneh Do'ughh

2004-06-29 Thread ken
Padraig MacIain wrote: On Sat, Jun 26, 2004 at 10:13:00PM -0700, Major Variola (ret) wrote: How do you spell John Smith in Gaelic? In G`idhlig (Scottish Gaelic) it'd be at least starting as 'Iain' (which is the Gaelized John). The modern Scottish equivalent to John Smith would be Iain Gow.

Re: Reverse Scamming 419ers

2004-06-15 Thread ken
Eric Cordian wrote: But Nigeria is a very poor country, with high unemployment, where people are forced by economic circumstances to do almost anything to try and feed their families. The 419ers aren't the starving poor - they know exactly what they are doing and have got the resources to do

Re: Anonymity of prepaid phone chip-cards

2004-03-29 Thread ken
Thomas Shaddack wrote: [...] Suggested countermeasure: When true anonymity is requested, use the card ONLY ONCE, then destroy it. Makes the calls rather expensive, but less risky. Make sure you can't be traced back by other means, ranging from surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the phone

Re: Lunar Colony

2004-01-21 Thread ken
John Washburn wrote: I would think the problem with the camp X-Ray approach is the same as happened historically in Botany Bay or fictionally in the Moon is a Harsh Mistress. When (not if) the ongoing support of the penal colony collapses what happens? The children are in legal limbo; neither

Re: Engineers in U.S. vs. India

2004-01-08 Thread ken
Steve Mynott wrote: Jim Dixon wrote: The term 'engineer' is far from precise; in the UK most people who work with tools can be called engineers but people who write software generally are NOT called engineers. There are further complications: for example, in I have had jobs as a software

Re: U.S. in violation of Geneva convention?

2003-12-19 Thread ken
Nomen Nescio wrote: Let's face it: not even the Nazi war criminals were treated in the way Saddam has been treated. Eh? And have you heard about the Soviet Union?

Re: Speaking of Reason

2003-12-18 Thread ken
R. A. Hettinga wrote: At 2:58 PM + 12/12/03, ken wrote: Bruce is a lefty, but not a statist rghhht... That's like saying that he's a sow, but not a boar... grunt grunt

Re: Speaking of Reason

2003-12-12 Thread ken
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: [...] Sterling makes a comment betraying what Ludwig Von Mises called the anti-capitalist mentality when he quipped to Godwin: Sure, we hate Exxon because they're huge and they're everywhere. He was pointing it out, not preaching it. I think over in Austin they do

Re: Speaking of Reason

2003-12-11 Thread ken
Declan McCullagh wrote: I don't know what entryist means. It might be helpful to define your terms. Really? That's odd. Taking you at your word it means someone who joins (i.e. enters) a political party or another organisation in order to take it over and change it to their own point of view.

Re: Is Matel Stalinist?

2003-12-11 Thread ken
Tim May quoted Tyler Durden who wrote: Well, I wouldn't apply the word oppressive across the board to the cultures of big companies, but the fact is that modern American coporate culture more often than not imitates a top-down, 'statist' culture that is so universal we rarely recognize it.

Re: Speaking of Reason

2003-12-11 Thread ken
R. A. Hettinga wrote: At 4:57 PM -0800 12/9/03, Eric Murray wrote: I pretty much agree with your views, minus the racism and misogny. On days that the brilliant thoughtful Tim posts, I'm in awe. When Tim the asshole posts, I'm disgusted. Unfortunately these days the latter Tim isn't letting the

Re: e voting (receipts, votebuying, brinworld)

2003-12-02 Thread ken
Thomas Shaddack wrote: On Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Neil Johnson wrote: Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote! -- Ben Franklin And if they are all armed ? They all starve. Lambs can eat grass, which is usually unarmed. It

Re: Chaumian blinding public voting?

2003-11-03 Thread ken
, and if there is a postal vote scheme for people who really can't make it on the day. Most countries don't even have all that yet (big chunks of the USA didn't not that long ago), why complicate things unnecessarily? Ken Brown (resident evil lefty)

Re: Wipe your Lamo notes now

2003-10-02 Thread Ken Hirsch
From: Tyler Durden [EMAIL PROTECTED] Tim May wrote... If it's a felony for _me_ to say Sources tell me that Valerie Plame, the wife of Ambassador Joseph Wilson, has been a CIA covert operative since 1980, it is a felony for Robert Novak to do so. Hum. Particularly in the era of the Internet

Re: Duck Freedom Fighter (Terrorists), Euler SUV Graffiti

2003-09-22 Thread ken
Major Variola (ret.) wrote: This is *not* a spoof. Why should we think it a spoof? Maybe the USA is just catchiung up. In my home town, Brighton in Enlgand, people calling themselves the ALF used to do this sort of thing pretty regularly in the late 70s and in the 80s. Once they let some

Re: Encrypted search?

2003-09-22 Thread ken
Tyler Durden wrote: Let's say I push out a list I'd like to keep secret to some client machine. The user of that machine must enter some ID or other piece of information. I want the client machine to perform a search of that ID vs the contents of a list (again, resident locally on that

Re: Digital cash and campaign finance reform

2003-09-09 Thread ken
Tim May wrote: In any case, campaign finance reform is essentially uninteresting and statist. Yes Tim, but as we happen to live in places where states make laws and employ men with guns to hurt us if we disobey those laws then we do have an interest (in the other sense) in who gets to run the

Re: domestic terrorism, fat lazy amerikans ducks

2003-09-02 Thread ken
I'm keeping this one. It's tendng to the condition of poetry. John Young wrote: [...] Commies, now there's a diversion fabricated in the propaganda mills by ideological word-toolers of capitalists and socialists, heeding the marketplace rule 1: concoct a worse evil to send the pack howling

Re: JAP back doored

2003-09-02 Thread ken
(if it is them not some spoof) were sussed enough to realise that spamming just makes you look like a prat. Ken Brown

Look who's spamming now. [was falsely Re: JAP back doored]

2003-09-02 Thread ken
Whoops - apologies for stupid posting here caused by /me/ being a prat with my mail program. Though the message body it isn't entirely off-topic here - the subject line is quite unrelated to it. Mea culpa. Ken ken wrote: This piece of political PR was sent to a mailing list intended

Re: Trials for those undermining the war effort?

2003-04-04 Thread Ken Brown
Harmon Seaver wrote: Translate/transliterate is irrelevant -- you don't change people's names, you especially don't change the name of the god. This was a Jewish religion, after all, and as I mentioned before, the Old Testament is simply awash with praises for the *name*. The whole name thing

Re: Trials for those undermining the war effort?

2003-04-03 Thread Ken Brown
Harmon Seaver wrote: You don't translate names. Especially you don't change the name of the god. Read the Old Testament, see how incredibly many times you find phrases like the holy name of the lord, blessed be the name, the wonderful name, etc. You don't even know the difference between

Re: U.S. Drops 'E-Bomb' On Iraqi TV

2003-04-02 Thread Ken Brown
Kevin S. Van Horn wrote: the side contributing the most corpses won. True of Vietnam of course. And of WW2, the dead being mainly in Eastern Europe and China. Arguably of WW1 as well, the Germans lost fewer men on the Western Front than the Belgians, French and British, but they had more

Re: Trials for those undermining the war effort?

2003-04-02 Thread Ken Brown
is the same Hebrew name that also comes to us as Joshua and Hosea. That sort of thing happens when you move between alphabets. Harmon Seaver wrote: On Tue, Apr 01, 2003 at 08:43:34PM +0100, Ken Brown wrote: Steve Schear wrote: At 06:34 PM 3/30/2003 -0500, stuart wrote: On Sunday

Re: Missile -launchers in iraq

2003-04-01 Thread Ken Brown
Tyler Durden wrote: [...] PS: Anyone notice the conceptual similarity between shock and awe and blitzkrieg? Yes, similar in some respects, though not the same. Shock and awe (terrible name for a quite sensible idea) was about a military force which is overwhelmingly stronger than its opponent

Re: Silly wiccan, tricks are for kids!

2003-04-01 Thread Ken Brown
Steve Mynott wrote: Tyler Durden wrote: Well, I think there's an obvious disconnect on this issue. Clearly, pre-Christian religious practices survived Christian persecution throughout the ages. From the little I know, some of the practicing Druids actually have received a nearly

Re: Things are looking better all the time [TERROR ALERT: Cerenkov Blue]

2003-03-28 Thread Ken Brown
John Kelsey wrote: I wasn't thinking of Al Qaida. There are a *lot* of people who might like to have a last-ditch deterrent against a US invasion or other action. I can think of a few workable deterrents against US invasion: - ICBMS - an army with a reputation of fighting nastily when

Re: hacked again?

2003-03-28 Thread Ken Brown
AJ are being hammered at the moment - I'm getting timeouts to them the picture I'm trying to look at is loading at 91 bits a second Either they are very popular or else the DoSsers are onto them big-time.

Re: hacked again?

2003-03-28 Thread Ken Brown
Harmon Seaver wrote: Hmm, weird -- I just got on a lookup for, and the same for, but now I'm getting nothing for both. So trying from another server in AL, I get the same IP and can also actually lynx to the site (which I couldn't do from

Al-Jazeera website [was: Re: U.S. Drops 'E-Bomb' On Iraqi TV]

2003-03-28 Thread Ken Brown
'Gabriel Rocha' wrote: it is around 1130, local time, Geneva, Switzerland and is working just fine. (well, it might be a fake, but not having ever seen the original, I don't know) It looks like over here in Europe we're getting DNS to pointing to a

Re: hacked again?

2003-03-28 Thread Ken Brown
Nslookup now fails. As does ping Looks like they got them again Mike Rosing wrote: On Fri, 28 Mar 2003, Ken Brown wrote: It looks like they were blocked in the USA (or else suffered reallly badly from hacking) and have maybe re-established the service

Re: US may fabricate discovery of WMD

2003-03-26 Thread Ken Brown
Tim May wrote: [...] The American CIA, DIA, FBI, ONI, and other groups are quite capable of producing fake cargo manifest, fake credentials, fakes of all other kinds, and of planting faked evidence. The kind of people who sell foreign foods to corner shops and ethnic restaurants are capable

Re: Things are looking better all the time

2003-03-26 Thread Ken Brown
Bill Stewart wrote: At 04:14 PM 03/26/2003 +1200, Peter Gutmann wrote: The RAF used an EFP in 1989 to assassinate the chairman of Deutsche Bank I assume that's some Italian or German group's acronym and not Britain's Royal Air Force? :-) (Besides, I thought assassinations were usually an

Re: About Christers versus Ragheads

2003-03-25 Thread Ken Brown
of dispensationalism in the 19th century (Google for Scofield Reference Bible) and, even in the United States, has probably never been the majority view amongst Christians though it might have got pretty near it in the 60s/70s/80s (Eve of Destruction (Barry McGuire became a Christian evangelist IIRC) Ken

Re: Things are looking better all the time

2003-03-25 Thread Ken Brown
Declan McCullagh wrote: Or perhaps we'll see someone take a GPS-controlled small plane, which can carry 1,000 lbs, and turn it into a flying bomb or delivery system for something quite noxious. These planes can be rented by the hour at hundreds of small to medium sized airports around the

Re: [IP] Risks of Iraqi war emerging Some officials warn of a mismatch betweenstrategy and force size. (fwd)

2003-03-25 Thread Ken Brown
Eugen Leitl reposted an article by someone: From: Dave Farber [EMAIL PROTECTED] Risks of Iraqi war emerging Some officials warn of a mismatch between strategy and force size. By Joseph L. Galloway Inquirer Washington Bureau Knowledgeable defense and administration officials say Rumsfeld

Re: What shall we do with a bad government...

2003-03-24 Thread Ken Brown
Vincent Penquerc'h wrote: Tim - I don't think the cowboy (aka Shrubya) knows enough economics to realize that, in the long term, income and expenditure must be in some kind of rough balance. He's always been able to lean on daddy's money. I'm wondering whether the successive US

Re: Unauthorized Journalists to be shot at

2003-03-24 Thread Ken Brown
.html Ken Brown wrote: Major Variola (ret) wrote: I'd think that the troops would explain this to the reporters tagging along as they confiscate all their transmitters before an op. I simply wouldn't trust the reporters, even though they're toast too if someone mis-IFFs. Its a lot

Re: Fwd: Informer alert: War begins in Iraq

2003-03-21 Thread Ken Brown
Harmon Seaver wrote: What sort of dictatorship is this where the people own automatic weapons freely? Shades of Switzerland! Soviet Armenia? When they fell out with the Azeris they got their scratch army together in /days/ According to the Russian news they used hunting rifles. I'd been

Re: Journalists, Diplomats, Others Urged to Evacuate City

2003-03-21 Thread Ken Brown
John Kelsey wrote: At 07:42 AM 3/20/03 -0800, James A. Donald wrote: ... The story you are telling is part of a big commie lie -- that the US aided the bigoted Taliban against the elightened communists who created a constitutional democracy where every man and every women have a vote, and

Re: Give cheese to france?

2003-03-15 Thread Ken Brown
Kevin S. Van Horn wrote: By the way, one piece of evidence that economics is maturing into a real science is that it is becoming usable by engineers; in particular, it has been applied to investment analysis and portfolio theory, resulting in significant improvements in investment

Re: Orwell's Victory goods come home

2003-03-15 Thread Ken Brown
So which American on the list is going to write to Congress to demand that the Statue of Liberty be sent back to France? Ken

Re: Unauthorized Journalists to be shot at

2003-03-15 Thread Ken Brown
Major Variola (ret) wrote: I'd think that the troops would explain this to the reporters tagging along as they confiscate all their transmitters before an op. I simply wouldn't trust the reporters, even though they're toast too if someone mis-IFFs. Its a lot more serious than not

Re: Give cheese to france?

2003-03-15 Thread Ken Brown
Harmon Seaver wrote: Ah yes, forgot about that -- the fancy condo right smack in the downtown historic district used to be a while city block of historic buildings people wanted to save, and, in fact, there were developers with money who wanted to restore them, but the city, for some

Re: Blood for Oil (was The Pig Boy was really squealing today

2003-02-20 Thread Ken Brown
I'm trying to think of something I'd personally be less interested in investing my own money in than an oil pipeline through Afghanistan. Lots of money invested up front, literally hundreds of small groups who could threaten to damage it as a way of demanding a share of the loot, very hard

Re: The burn-off of twenty million useless eaters and minorities

2003-02-19 Thread Ken Brown
, apart from the publican, I helped to appoint, and none of whom I feel in the slightest way deferential to or look up to for leadership whatever that is. Who are my community leaders? It's just a silly question. No-one would ask it. Ken Brown

Re: Real Facts and Good Facts

2003-02-04 Thread Ken Hirsch
Eric Cordian writes: In another teletext moment on CNN, the shuttle was described as traveling at Mock 18. There was an interesting article in the New York Times ( back in Nov 2001 about stenographers working on 9/11--that was an angle I didn't see anywhere else. When

Re: Passenger rail is for adventurers and bums

2003-02-03 Thread Ken Brown
Bill Stewart wrote: Tim commented about railroad stations being in the ugly parts of town. That's driven by several things - decay of the inner cities, as cars and commuter trains have let businesses move out to suburbs, and also the difference between railroad stations that were built for

Re: punk and free markets

2003-02-03 Thread Ken Brown
Gold star. Velvet Underground is definitely ground zero for Punk to my ears, but with this recent set of pre-Velvets minimalist releases (eg, Dream Theater, with LaMount Young, John Cale--who helped start the band I was in, and others), the stage was somewhat set. Yeah, yeah, yeah; I loved

Re: Shuttle Diplomacy

2003-02-03 Thread Ken Brown
Thomas Shaddack wrote: I just hope they won't mothball the ISS... Not if the scheduled Chinese manned launch goes ahead.

Re: Passenger rail is for adventurers and bums

2003-02-03 Thread Ken Brown
Eugen Leitl wrote: On Fri, 31 Jan 2003, Thomas Shaddack wrote: I don't know how it works in the US, but railroads are both comfortable and pretty reliable in Europe. A bit too expensive, especially in Germany. I also like being able to work on the train -- given that here cities are

Re: Life Sentence for Medical Marijuana?

2003-02-03 Thread Ken Brown
Tyler Durden wrote: And then there's the PERSISTENT rumors of him actually taking an accidental DEA bust in a Florida airport after landing a fresh new cargo. Supposedly this was a bit of a snafu and they had to let him go on the hush-hush...(And I keep hearing there's video of that bust.)

Re: Who owns stuff that falls onto someone's property?

2003-02-02 Thread Ken Hirsch
From: Steve Schear [EMAIL PROTECTED] Expect the first EBay auctions of debris from the Columbia to be a constitutional issue soon. (Actually, the censors at fascist EBay have probably already flagged any transactions which mention space shuttle and Columbia to be illegal thoughtcrime

Re: Atlas Shrugs in Venezuela

2003-01-28 Thread Ken Brown
James A. Donald wrote: Harmon Seaver: Why not the army? If it was only the executives and a handful of highly qualified specialists, you would not need the army. Strikers are mostly oil industry. And better-paid workers, technicians, engineers so on. They might include safety

Re: DNA evidence countermeasures?

2003-01-28 Thread Ken Brown
Thomas Shaddack wrote: But now how to avoid leaving random DNA traces? What about giving up on NOT leaving traces and rather just use eg. a spray with hydrolyzed DNA from multiple people, preferably with different racial origin, thus still leaving fragments like hair or skin cells, but

Re: Indo European Origins

2003-01-13 Thread Ken Brown
R. A. Hettinga wrote: At 4:25 PM -0500 on 1/9/03, Trei, Peter wrote: Basque is unique, as you say I remember someone saying somewhere, probably on PBS, that Basque is *very* old, paleolithic, and lots of popular mythology has cropped up that it's the closest living relative to some

Re: Definitions, Proofs, Derivations

2003-01-08 Thread Ken Hirsch
Sarad AV writes: there will be no inconsistency in a formal axiomatic systems Huh? -but can any one point me to a contradicting set of axioms in an axiomatic system? In general you have to consider the whole system, including derivation rules, not just the axioms, although you can certain

Re: The trend toward signing away rights

2002-12-10 Thread Ken Brown
Trei, Peter wrote: If you put one of these stickers on your car, you are giving the police permission to pull the car over without probable cause if they find it on the road late at night (1am-5am, or something like that), just to check that all is in order. I think it's being promoted

Re: Akamai

2002-12-09 Thread Ken Hirsch
Harmon Seaver writes: Anyone know anything about Akamai (, also I was getting about a zillion hits on my web server from them this morning. They seem to offer services to gov't agencies according to their website. Their main service is serving static

Re: Money is about expected future value....nothing more, nothing less

2002-12-09 Thread Ken Brown
Marcel Popescu wrote: It does appear that the law in England is not as demanding as I believed: The concept of legal tender is often misunderstood. Contrary to popular opinion, legal tender is not a means of payment that must be

Re: ...(one of them about Completeness)

2002-12-05 Thread Ken Hirsch
Jim Choate says: Godel's does -not- say mathematics is incomplete, it says we can't prove completeness -within- mathematics proper. To do so requires a meta-mathematics of some sort. You are mixing up what Godel says about proving consistency within a system, and his incompleteness theorem.

Re: Secret Court Says U.S. Has Broad Wiretap Powers

2002-11-19 Thread Ken Hirsch
But you forget - the BATF agents were all beeped and informed to not bother to come in to work that day, and instead met up elsewhere, suited up so they could arrive just in time (a few minutes after the boom) to be heroic. That indicates something, what exactly it indicates is left as an

Re: eJazeera?

2002-11-11 Thread Ken Brown
are now so ubiquitous that taking them away has come to seem as odd as asking visitors to remove their shoes or to wear face masks. Ken Brown Tyler Durden wrote: Well, the rason d'etre of 'eJazeera' as I see it is primarily for publically-taken photos and videos to be quickly gypsied away from

Re: was: Echelon-like resources..

2002-10-14 Thread Ken Brown
Tyler Durden wrote: [...] Granted, Chonskty can be a little tiring on the ears His voice seems to have mellowed over the years. I heard him on the radio last week and he sounded just like Garrison Keillor :-) Ken Brown

Re: software-defined radio killer app

2002-09-20 Thread Ken Brown
The biggest police station in western Europe is being built less than half a mile from where I live. Your phone will keep on ringing and ringing... Major Variola (ret) wrote: In some parts of rural america, folks signal the presence of cops by flashing their headlights when driving.

Re: Challenge to TCPA/Palladium detractors

2002-08-09 Thread Ken Brown
and reproducible or predictable software environments? These are the people who brought us DLL Hell. These are the people who fell into the MDAC versioning fiasco. Ken

Re: Pizza with a credit card

2002-08-01 Thread Ken Brown
/. They could be liable for millions! No respectable company could possibly allow that to happen. There should be a law against it! Our legislators must act to defend vulnerable corporations against predatory customers like you who spend too much money! Ken (who has to choose among the 10 or so local

Re: Are you ready for your loyalty check?

2002-07-25 Thread Ken Brown
Trei, Peter wrote: [...] That means tens of thousands of private-sector employees working in industries such as banking, chemicals, energy, transportation, telecommunications, shipping and public health would be subject to background checks as a condition of employment. Cor. This

Re: William Pierce Dies of Cancer at 68

2002-07-25 Thread Ken Brown
Eric Cordian wrote: Pierce made a lot of sense, if one ignored the politically incorrect hyperbole in his writings. It is ironic that Pierce died on the day Zionist War Criminal Ariel Sharon described destroying an apartment building full of civilians with a missile as my view one of

Re: warchalking on the Beeb

2002-07-25 Thread Ken Brown
:// Ken Optimizzin Al-gorithym wrote: Well, its official. Warchalking (802.11x domain marking) appeared on the US edition of the BBC News. No hype re: anonymity t*rr*r*sm tigers bears; a mention though of service-contract violations, and the gift

Re: Terror Reading

2002-06-27 Thread Ken Brown
Harmon Seaver wrote: And the computer revolution has been going on in libraries for a decade now ? 3 decades more like. I'm pretty sure that the first computerisation of lendings was brought into the library in my home town (Brighton in England) about the time I stopped working there part

Re: Ross's TCPA paper

2002-06-25 Thread Ken Brown
Pete Chown wrote: [...] This doesn't help with your other point, though; people wouldn't be able to modify the code and have a useful end product. I wonder if it could be argued that your private key is part of the source code? Am I expected to distribute my password with my code?

Re: Sci Journals, authors, internet

2002-06-13 Thread Ken Brown
as a matter of property, French as a matter of personality, and the US as a sort of government licenced monopoly or patent. But they are all much closer to each other these days, with international copyright law being a compromise between the old systems. Ken Brown

Re: Artist's rights? [was: RE: Sci Journals, authors, internet]

2002-06-13 Thread Ken Brown
) or are tiny (in France). Ken

Re: Degrees of Freedom vs. Hollywood Control Freaks

2002-06-10 Thread Ken Brown
Major Variola (ret) wrote: Jeezum, how old *are* you? We haven't called vacuum tubes 'valves' for some time.. Oh yes we do! I never call them anything but valves.

Re: NYT: Techies Now Respect Government

2002-05-27 Thread Ken Brown
Tim May wrote: On Sunday, May 26, 2002, at 10:07 AM, John Young wrote: Thomas Friedman in the New York Times today: For example, in another place: The question `How can this technology be used against me?' is now a real R-and-D issue for companies, where in the past it wasn't

Re: trillions a day?

2002-05-14 Thread Ken Brown
at all, statistically speaking :-) Ken

Re: Bad guys vs. Good guys

2002-05-13 Thread Ken Brown
R. A. Hettinga wrote: The reason we have ready availability of credit in the first place is because consumer debt is the most profitable business in the United States. I really wonder what component of this market is actually payment driven. After all, to easily buy *anything* over,

Re: UK e-money legal, sort-of

2002-05-10 Thread Ken Brown
Sorry Adam, that wasn't me, I just quoted it from the article in the Register. So I know no more. Ken Adam Back wrote: On Thu, May 09, 2002 at 04:09:23PM +0100, Ken Brown wrote: anybody that wishes to issue electronic money can do so as long as they satisfy a number of core criteria


2002-05-07 Thread Ken Brown
perceptive? I think some list members post to the beat of a different dictionary To fuel your paranoia, try browsing the RISKS archives: Ken

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