[darcs-users] How to extend a patch theory to fully commute

2020-06-30 Thread James Cook
== Prologue == This is a story about how to extend a patch theory into one where any sequence of patches can be permuted into any other order. In particular, this means every merge is a clean merge in the new theory. One small catch: after a conflict, it's not possible to continue applying

Re: [darcs-users] Make darcs force-commute patches from CLI, to learn about darcs?

2020-06-30 Thread Ben Franksen
Am 29.06.20 um 19:12 schrieb James Cook: >> Another problem is that even supposing commutation does not change prim >> patches, in darcs you still have conflictors. And conflictors >> /definitely/ have to change representation when we commute them: the >> merge-commute law obviously requires that.