Re: [darktable-user] Re: [Darktable-users] Import Adobe compatible xmp sidecar

2016-10-07 Thread Pascal Obry
Denis, No it is not part of 2.0.6, this will be part of 2.2 release. --   Pascal Obry /  Magny Les Hameaux (78)   The best way to travel is by means of imagination   gpg --keyserver --recv-key F949BD3B

[darktable-user] Re: [darktable-dev] PSA: ATTENTION NIKON OWNERS !!!

2016-10-07 Thread Roman Lebedev
On Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 4:40 PM, Germano Massullo wrote: > You will need also > > and you will have to edit rawspeed-check-nikon-modes.rb to point it at > that

[darktable-user] Importing LR sidecar files

2016-10-07 Thread Bruce Williams
Hi all, As those of us who have ever used Lightroom probably know, LR writes its .xmp files with the following format: .xmp darktable on the other hand, prefers: ..xmp So, as an experiment, I grabbed a folder of images from my LR catalogue (a bunch of Sony .arw RAW files, plus the LR-generated

[darktable-user] Print module

2016-10-07 Thread Sebastiaan Borrezee
Hi all, I'm a happy user of DT for quite a while now, but just starting to get into home printing. I run DT2.0.6 on Ubuntu Studio 16.04. I try to print from DT to a Canon IP7250 (using canon provided driver). Both printer and printerprofile are recognized by DT, but my prints are almost