[datameet] Found districtwise Coid-19 data here

2020-07-05 Thread Naraina Damle
Hello, I have just seen district wise covid-19 data here. https://www.grainmart.in/news/covid-19-coronavirus-india-state-and-district-wise-tally/ I have requested them via email to share old data also. District Wise time series data is not easy to get IMO -- Datameet is a community of

Re: [datameet] Data Story: In 6 years, forest land the size of Nagaland diverted

2020-07-05 Thread Nikhil VJ
Hi, I posted on their github repo and they've replied with lot more details and opportunities for collaboration if anyone is interested. There seems to be a map created by IndiaSpend in this regard. You can join in the conversation there: