Re: [datameet] Air temperature data

2020-09-02 Thread Divyansh Deshmukh
Hello, I am providing you with a link, here you can get the pollution and weather data, it also includes temperature. Link - Thanks and Regards Divyansh Deshmukh On Wed, 2 Sep, 2020, 7:17 pm Alfiya Nizar, wrote: > Can some

[datameet] Request for Road Traffic Density data 2019-2020

2020-06-18 Thread Divyansh Deshmukh
Hello, I, Divyansh Deshmukh, am a research student in IIIT Hyderabad under Dr. Sachin Chaudhari (SPCRC Lab, IIIT Hyderabad). We here, at IIIT Hyderabad are doing a research project on air pollution and are in need for the road traffic density data. *Data required - Traffic density data from 01