Re: DCCP feature negotiation via setsockopt/getsockopt

2007-10-09 Thread Gerrit Renker
| In the gstreamer plugin I want to provide a plugin property named | ccid, where the programmer will set or get the current ccid. Is dccp | implementation for linux already prepared to support this mechanism | through feature negotiation (or something related via | setsockopt/getsockopt)?

[PATCH v2 7/8]: Handle timestamps on Request/Response exchange separately

2007-10-09 Thread Gerrit Renker
This is a reworked patch, using the suggested static allocation, with the following differences * made the field names consistent between request_sock and dccp_sock; * since the time between receiving a Timestamp and sending the Timestamp Echo is not huge, it makes sense to use

Re: CCID3 and CCID4 share code status

2007-10-09 Thread Gerrit Renker
Quoting Łeandro Sales: | I'm organizing the code according to arnaldo and gerrit | suggestions, to use a separated source file, which I named it for | ccid34_commons.c/h and link it in the Makefile of ccids/lib via trfc | module, is this the correct way gerrit, accoding to your suggestion?

[Announce]: How to add a new CCID for feature negotiation

2007-10-09 Thread Gerrit Renker
This serves to illustrate how to hook up a new CCID with the new feature-negotiation interface, so that the new CCID * is detected for advertising during feature-negotiation, * can be queried via getsockopt, * can be set via setsockopt, * can be negotiated just as any other CCID. It is

Re: [PATCH 1/1]: Test tree update (was Re: [PATCH 3/10]: Dedicated auxiliary states to support passive-close)

2007-10-09 Thread Ian McDonald
On 10/10/07, Gerrit Renker [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: [DCCP]: More informative state names This realises a naming scheme due to Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (many thanks), which assigns more informative/declarative names to the auxiliary and intermediate states PASSIVE_1/2i - which exist to