[deal.II] Installation didn't give any errors but when I tried make test, it failed all tests

2017-08-11 Thread japan25
Hello, I tried installing deal.ii today. Installation went fine without any errors however when I did make test, it failed all 6 tests. What should I do? Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks! The error I get is as follows: Running quicktests... Test project

[deal.II] crash with step-55 with PETSc both in serial and parallel

2017-08-11 Thread Nur Fadel
Hi all, I have installed Deal II 8.5 and trunk versions on Daint (the CSCS machine). When I run the example step-5 with PETSc I have the following error: Running using PETSc. Cycle 0: Number of degrees of freedom: 659 (578+81)