Re: [deal.II] catching SolverControl::NoConvergence

2020-08-03 Thread Wolfgang Bangerth
On 7/31/20 3:44 AM, Alberto Salvadori wrote: By the way, I noticed that there is no Trilinos wrapper for GMRES, yet the implementation of LA::MPI::SolverGMRES provides no error when the trilinos flag is set. Is there any redirection to another solver? Is this a potential source of the

[deal.II] deal.II Newsletter #128

2020-08-03 Thread 'Rene Gassmoeller' via deal.II User Group
Hello everyone! This is deal.II newsletter #128. It automatically reports recently merged features and discussions about the deal.II finite element library. ## Below you find a list of recently proposed or merged features: #10792: fix tests/simplex/data_out_write_vtk_01 (proposed by tjhei;


2020-08-03 Thread Wolfgang Bangerth
On 8/2/20 11:26 PM, 孙翔 wrote: Yes, it cannot run on a cluster. Both of them run in release mode. I'm also curious about the error. I debug the code by outputting some specific values. If you see any error, the first step always should be to run in debug mode instead. Make sure that that

Re: [deal.II] Question about the numbering of DoFs

2020-08-03 Thread yuesu jin
Dear Jimmy, Thank you! Your answer solved my question. I had the wrong impression that higher-order polynomials will give more base functions. Shape functions just play the role of interpolation and construct the solution space. It could be a high-order polynomial but only one base function per