Re: [deal.II] Getting RHS values at nodes with DBC

2019-09-12 Thread Giorgos Kourakos
As always there is a "deal.ii" way of doing the calculations. The FEValues::get_function_gradients() is actually what I needed. I got a little bit confused with the FEValues::get_normal_vectors(). This seems to return the normal direction of the face and doesn't give any further info about the

Re: [deal.II] Getting RHS values at nodes with DBC

2019-09-03 Thread Giorgos Kourakos
Thank you for your feedback. I'll try to explain what I try to calculate with the help of a standard FEM textbook: [image: CaptureFEMbook.PNG] In the book the global system is partitioned so that the first row contains the known U1 dofs and the second row the unknown the dofs U2. They solve

Re: [deal.II] Getting RHS values at nodes with DBC

2019-08-31 Thread Giorgos Kourakos
This is a year old post but I'm dealing with the same issue so I decided to continue here instead creating a new one. In my case I solve a simple laplace problem, that represent groundwater flow with non zero dirichlet boundary conditions My goal is to estimate how much water comes in and out

Re: [deal.II] Candi installation fail

2019-03-30 Thread Giorgos Kourakos
No cmake finishes the configuration but the compilation breaks around 78%. It seems that the undefined references that break the process are related to boost iostream, which has failed the test -- The deal.II project is located at For mailing list/forum options, see

Re: [deal.II] Candi installation fail

2019-03-29 Thread Giorgos Kourakos
BOOST_SERIALIZATION_USABLE -- Performing Test BOOST_SERIALIZATION_USABLE - Success Any further help? Thank you Giorgos On Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 8:41:07 PM UTC-7, Wolfgang Bangerth wrote: > > On 3/28/19 7:12 PM, Giorgos Kourakos wrote: > > > ~/Documents/CODES/candi_Install/tmp/unpack

[deal.II] Candi installation fail

2019-03-28 Thread Giorgos Kourakos
Hi all, I tried to compile dealii using candi distribution. Because I was getting several errors in the process from various packages, I ended up updating the versions of the following packages hdf5 -> 1.10.5 petsc -> 3.10.4 slepc -> 3.10.2 boost -> 1_69_0 However, during deal.ii compilation

[deal.II] Re: clarification on hanging nodes

2018-10-13 Thread Giorgos Kourakos
That's very good to know Thank you On Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 6:06:25 AM UTC-7, Giorgos Kourakos wrote: > > Hi, I need a clarification about the hanging nodes. > > > At some point in my code I use > > mesh_constraints.resolve_indices(ids); which adds the constraints

Re: [deal.II] Non smooth solution when the BC coincide with the processors boundaries?

2018-02-16 Thread Giorgos Kourakos
to the desired position. This simple trick works great so far. Kudos to whoever came up with that !! Giorgos On Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 3:54:03 PM UTC-8, Wolfgang Bangerth wrote: > > On 02/15/2018 04:48 PM, Giorgos Kourakos wrote: > > > > I haven't forgotten the Constraint

[deal.II] Non smooth solution when the BC coincide with the processors boundaries?

2018-02-15 Thread Giorgos Kourakos
Hi deal.ii experts, I have the following issue and I'd like if you could give me directions what to look for. I'm attaching a figure from two consecutive iterations: The black line shows how the triangulation is split to different processors. The red line indicates a Dirichlet boundary

[deal.II] Re: tests fail

2016-08-11 Thread Giorgos Kourakos
em with your PETSc installation. Can you confirm > that it is installed correctly? > Do any problems appear if you compile deal.II without PETSc? > > Best, > Daniel > > Am Donnerstag, 11. August 2016 22:16:49 UTC+2 schrieb Giorgos Kourakos: >> >> Hi, >> >&g

[deal.II] tests fail

2016-08-11 Thread Giorgos Kourakos
Hi, I'm trying to compile a recent version of deal and I'm getting the following error during the tests as well as when I compile the step-1 ../../lib/ error: undefined reference to 'PCHYPRESetType' Any ideas what is wrong? thank you Giorgos -- The deal.II project