Re: [deal.II] install problems with clang@12.0.0 and Xcode12.0 from spack

2020-09-29 Thread Luca Heltai
Dear Alex, what happens after loading dealii with `spack load dealii`, if you try to build (from scratch) `step-40`? Can you send us the output of cmake and make? Luca. On Mon, Sep 28, 2020 at 4:46 PM 'Alexander Greiner' via deal.II User Group <> wrote: > Hi Luca, > >

Re: [deal.II] step-1 Error

2020-09-19 Thread Luca Heltai
Are you running the terminal, or the deal.II application? When you run the deal.II application, you are dropped into a terminal (with instructions) to run deal.II examples. Including how to set up your bashrc (or zshrc) to point to the deal.II Installation/the module command. Only after you

Re: [deal.II] step-1 Error

2020-08-26 Thread Luca Heltai
The 9.0.0 image contains a spack installation. Can you run "module load dealii" before trying to run? Luca. Il giorno mer 26 ago 2020 alle 19:51 Scott Ziegler <> ha scritto: > Hello, > > I tried running the first tutorial on my machine and I am getting an error >

Re: [deal.II] Problem implementing Neumann boundary condition

2020-08-21 Thread Luca Heltai
the error. Luca > Il giorno 21 ago 2020, alle ore 10:07, Umair Hussain > ha scritto: > >  > Thanx Luca. I got it. But I still don’t understand what is this “gradient” > used for? > >> On Fri, 21 Aug 2020 at 12:22 PM, Luca Heltai wrote: >> Did yo

Re: [deal.II] Problem implementing Neumann boundary condition

2020-08-21 Thread Luca Heltai
Did you actually read the error message? :-) It tells you exactly what you have to do. In particolar, you are using bc.gradient to evaluate the Neumann boundary value, but you did not implement the gradient in your Neumann.h file. This explained in detail in the error message you got. The

Re: [deal.II] Reading a Tensor from parameter file

2020-08-05 Thread Luca Heltai
the >> Patterns::Convert::to_value() function would work in this case. >> >> Is it must to use prm.add_parameter() to be able to do so? I usually use >> prm.declare_entry() and prm.get(). >> >> Best regards, >> Paras >> >>> On Wedn

Re: [deal.II] Installation didn't give any errors but when I tried make test, it failed all tests

2020-07-30 Thread Luca Heltai
Take a look at your parameter file. It is probably trying to write output file to a directory that does not exist. Luca > Il giorno 30 lug 2020, alle ore 10:58, kaleem iqbal > ha scritto: > >  > Dear Prof. Wolfgang; > During running step-70. I found the following error > Exception on

Re: [deal.II] Re: KDTree implementation error

2020-07-24 Thread Luca Heltai
If you are using version 9.3pre of deal.II, kdtree was removed. Use RTree instead, which is faster and more flexible. Luca > Il giorno 24 lug 2020, alle ore 05:41, heena patel ha > scritto: > >  > Dear Bruno, >I had already added kdree.h header file, check

Re: [deal.II] Particles and field interpolation error

2020-07-15 Thread Luca Heltai
Franco, The interpolated field says that the field value is zero (on the line above your arrow). This is how it is documented: if a particle is removed, its interpolated value is left unchanged in the target vector. Zero in your case. Luca > Il giorno 15 lug 2020, alle ore 18:18, Franco

Re: [deal.II] parallel::distributed::SolutionTransfer for FE_FaceQ element

2020-07-13 Thread Luca Heltai
Dear Yu, It is unclear what it means to transfer a solution for FE_FaceQ. On refined cells, the central part of the skeleton cannot be transferred from the outer skeleton (I.e., a refined grid is not a subspace Of the coarse grid), so technically we cannot transfer solutions for FE spaces

Re: [deal.II] Setting up dealii through Docker

2020-06-28 Thread Luca Heltai
m > > > Best, > Bhavesh > >> On Saturday, 27 June 2020 01:58:07 UTC-5, Luca Heltai wrote: >> Are you using an example from deal.II master? If this is the case, the >> example looks for 9.3pre but the image we provide only has 9.1 installed. >> Try

Re: [deal.II] Setting up dealii through Docker

2020-06-27 Thread Luca Heltai
Are you using an example from deal.II master? If this is the case, the example looks for 9.3pre but the image we provide only has 9.1 installed. Try inspecting the CMakeList.txt to see which version is being looked for, and try changing to 9.1. Luca > Il giorno 27 giu 2020, alle ore 06:58,

Re: [deal.II] Reading a Tensor from parameter file

2020-04-15 Thread Luca Heltai
Currently, this is also the simplest way: Tensor tens; prm.add_parameter("Tensor", tens); Take a look at the documentation of the add parameter method. Patterns::Tools::to_string(tens); And Patterns::Tools::to_value Are also available to simplify what you want to achieve. Alternatively:

Re: [deal.II] Deal.II on Docker

2020-03-13 Thread Luca Heltai
The examples you are using are likely looking for deal.II 9.2.pre. Try changing the makefile, and see if that works. :-) Luca > Il giorno 13 mar 2020, alle ore 02:47, Robert Kopp > ha scritto: > >  > After some false starts, I was able to use deal.II on Ubuntu 18.04 by > installing it from

[deal.II] Intensive course on Finite Element Methods using deal.II @ SISSA

2020-01-17 Thread Luca Heltai
: Wolfgang Bangerth and Luca Heltai More information on the course schedule is available here: A limited number of seats is available for external PhD students, postdocs, and researcher. No fee is required, but registration is mandatory. To reserve a seat, please complete

Re: [deal.II] Particle contact detection

2019-10-14 Thread Luca Heltai
Take a look at the Particles namespace, and at the rtree boost documentation (we wrap rtree from boost into the RTree alias, which is compatible with Point, BoundingBox and Segment). The tests/boost directory contains some examples that may be useful. Luca > Il giorno 14 ott 2019, alle ore

Re: [deal.II] Reading mesh from vtk file

2019-08-05 Thread Luca Heltai
Dear Andreas, You are trying to read a vtk file that was generated by DataOut. Try to write the file with GridOut::write_vtk. DataOut produces files that are split cell wise (to allow for some flexibility in discontinuos fields. Luca > Il giorno 5 ago 2019, alle ore 03:05, Andreas Rupp

[deal.II] Old Mac Users wanted.

2018-05-19 Thread Luca Heltai
Dear All, I just uploaded a version of deal.II 9.1.0pre (master version of yesterday) here: <> This was compiled with clang 6.0.0, downloaded from the officia

[deal.II] Re: Mac testers wanted

2018-05-06 Thread Luca Heltai
Sorry. The address is the following: Luca > Il giorno 06 mag 2018, alle ore 11:30, luca.heltai ha > scritto: > > Dear all, > > I have just uploaded a new package for deal.II-9.0.0-rc2 here: > >

Re: [deal.II] New Mac OSX brew package

2017-11-09 Thread Luca Heltai
I'm using clang+gfortran. I have not tried using gcc for everything, but I could give it a shot if you think it would be worth it. Luca > On 9 Nov 2017, at 17:59, Timo Heister wrote: > > thanks, Luca! > > Are you using the system clang with the fortran compiler from

[deal.II] New Mac OSX brew package

2017-11-09 Thread luca . heltai
Dear All, I just finished uploading a new brew based package for deal.II with a 9.0pre.1 version: It was compiled on a Mac OS X High Sierra: 10.13 (17A405), with Xcode 9.0.1 (9A1004). The application contains a full `spack

Re: [deal.II] Re: Deal for Mac OS 10.13

2017-10-11 Thread Luca Heltai
for the suggestion. I am new to both Mac OS and Deal. Can you possibly > advise how may I install 10.12 SDK. Would it mean reverting to an older > version of the OS for iMac as well? > > Regards > Deepak > >> On Wednesday, 11 October 2017 15:21:15 UTC+8, Luca Heltai

Re: [deal.II] Re: Deal for Mac OS 10.13

2017-10-11 Thread Luca Heltai
Alberto, In the options of xcode, you should be able to install also the 10.12 sdk. Can you try that? Luca > On 11 Oct 2017, at 08:30, Alberto Salvadori > wrote: > > Hi Daniel. > > After installation of High Sierra, Xcode9, upgrading cmake and using >

Re: [deal.II] does the latest dealii prepackaged image file for Mac OSX come with 'other software packages' such as p4est, PETSc, Trilinos, etc?

2016-08-12 Thread Luca Heltai
Yes it does. Luca > On 11 ago 2016, at 20:36, thomas stephens wrote: > > It's not clear to me from the github dealii wiki for MacOSX whether or not > the prepackaged image file for OSX comes with all of the optional third party > libraries that are listed as optional

Re: [deal.II] opencascade shape id

2016-08-05 Thread Luca Heltai
Hi Chang, If you use salome to open your iges files, then it should tell you what is what. Best, Luca > On 05 ago 2016, at 09:19, Chang-Pao Chang wrote: > > Hello, > > I am trying to follow step-54 to register shapes in occ and cells in tria > through