[deal.II] How to get normal / tangential vectors at nodes, not at quadrature points?

2020-06-04 Thread Lex Lee
Hello Deal.II Users, I am working on setting a constraint: (V - v_s ) \cdot n = \phi_f (v_f - v_s) \cdot n on three vector variables at the interface with affine constraint class in Deal.II's library. (Where, V, v_s, and v_f are velocity vectors on two different domains, and they are

[deal.II] step 70 9.2 version

2020-06-04 Thread heena patel
Dear all, I had downloaded latest 9.2 version and had run some tutorials successfully. When I try to run tutorial 70 it gives following error. Kindly help me. TimerOutput objects finalize timed values printed to the screen by communicating