[deal.II] Re: 9.2 issue during compilation on macOSX

2020-06-17 Thread Alberto Salvadori
quick update: since I noticed the directory * zlib-1.2.11-rqiqrujgg5aemhk7eqjk3asbaukff37x* in deal.ii directory * /Applications/deal.II.app/Contents/Resources/spack/opt/spack/darwin-catalina-x86_64/clang-11.0.3-apple* I thus attempted at creating a symbolic link* ln -s

Re: [deal.II] Geometric Conservation Law

2020-06-17 Thread Alexander Cicchino
Dear Martin, Thank you for your response. Yes I agree that only some local computations are necessary to implement the identities. Yes I would be interested in this feature and trying to implement it. Do you have any suggestions on where I should start and overall practices I should follow?