[deal.II] How to transform points on faces from unit cells to real cells?

2020-06-20 Thread Lex Lee
Hello Deal.II Users, I want to get the physical (geometry) coordinates for support points on cell faces. Also I know that there are such member functions that can me map points between reference and real cells in this link: https://www.dealii.org/current/doxygen/deal.II/classMapping.html .

[deal.II] Re: Questions on parallel linear solver

2020-06-20 Thread Wolfgang Bangerth
Jane, let me take this to the deal.II mailing list, since that is the place where these kinds of questions should be asked: I recently finished an SUPG based incompressible unsteady Navier-Stokes solver. The test case is the flow over cylinder problem. I parallized the code. Everything works