Re: [deal.II] New deal.II 9.2.0 package for MAC

2020-06-29 Thread luca.heltai
Alberto, what do you have in your .profile file? If you do not enable views, then you first have to module load dealii before you can run any example, to set up the environment. If you use views, a global DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/Appl./…/…/Libraries/lib is added, where metis is. My guess is

[deal.II] deal.II Newsletter #124

2020-06-29 Thread Rene Gassmoeller
Hello everyone! This is deal.II newsletter #124. It automatically reports recently merged features and discussions about the deal.II finite element library. ## Below you find a list of recently proposed or merged features: #10630: Added unit_to_real and real_to_unit to BoundingBox (proposed

[deal.II] Re: Non Homogenous Boundary Conditions on a Cylinder

2020-06-29 Thread Samuel Rodriguez
Hi Simon, It seems I might not have understood my own question. You answered the question I was trying to ask. Would you be able to help me out with one more thing? I followed your advice but the boundary conditions do not seem bedo not seem to be getting the correct boundary conditions, so I