Bug#629603: Acknowledgement (cyrus-common-2.4: Fails to upgrade to 2.4.9~beta1-1)

2011-06-08 Thread Steven Kurylo
I've attached two patches. The first once changes grep to exclude the *_path options in lib/imapoptions. This ensures cyrus-db-types.txt is generated correctly. Next, cyrus-common-2.4.postinst was only setting RET if upgrade-db failed. So RET was null in the case statement, triggering the

Bug#629603: cyrus-common-2.4: Fails to upgrade to 2.4.9~beta1-1

2011-06-07 Thread Steven Kurylo
Package: cyrus-common-2.4 Version: 2.4.9~beta1-1 Severity: important I started with a clean install of 2.4.8. cyrus-common-2.4 fails on upgrade with the error unknown new backend Starting debugging the issue and /usr/lib/cyrus/bin/upgrade-db fails at: ++ gawk '/^MBOX[[:blank:]]/ { print $2

Bug#629609: cyrus-imapd-2.4: proc and lock directories should be cleaned and put on tmpfs

2011-06-07 Thread Steven Kurylo
Package: cyrus-imapd-2.4 Version: 2.4.9~beta1-1 Severity: normal Tags: patch Per the documentation for 2.4, the locks should be cleaned out. I think cleaning out proc at the same time would be a good idea, in case a file is left after a crash. As well in the init script I: * Silenced

Bug#609653: Updated init script

2011-05-25 Thread Steven Kurylo
of the package. Thank you. #!/bin/sh # # Author: Simon Horman ho...@verge.net.au # # 2011-05-25 updated with current /etc/init.d/skeleon by Steven Kurylo steven.kur...@aviawest.com # ### BEGIN INIT INFO # Provides: perdition # Required-Start:$remote_fs # Should-Start: $syslog

Bug#627339: init script should use QUIT instead of TERM

2011-05-20 Thread Steven Kurylo
On 11-05-20 06:45 AM, Ondřej Surý wrote: Hi Steven, could you try attached init.d script? I made some minor corrections. * Silenced pidofproc in do_start and try-restart * Fix pidofproc return code handling in do_stop (otherwise /etc/init.d/cyrus-imapd stop always returned failed) I'll

Bug#627339: init script should use QUIT instead of TERM

2011-05-19 Thread Steven Kurylo
Package: cyrus-common-2.4 Version: 2.4.8-7 install-configure.html says we should use QUIT first: Since a clean shutdown may never finish if a child process is stuck for some reason the recommended approach is to send a SIGQUIT then loop on the master process sending a signal 0 every second

Bug#627202: sync_client fatal error seen_db.c: 127: *seendbptr == NULL

2011-05-18 Thread Steven Kurylo
Package: cyrus-replication-2.4 Version: 2.4.8-7 I'm testing cyrus 2.4.8 to upgrade our cyrus deployment. On various mailboxes sync_client exits with the error: Fatal error: Internal error: assertion failed: seen_db.c: 127: *seendbptr == NULL I can reproduce this error consistently by doing