Bug#917881: gforth: Cannot upgrade 0.7.3.+dfsg-7 on Sid, gforth-common unavailable.

2018-12-31 Thread Oliver Schode
Package: gforth Version: 0.7.3+dfsg-7 Severity: normal Hi! Very likely only temporary, yet just in case of an oversight: Gforth is currently stuck in unstable as gforth-common lags behind. Nothing serious, nothing's broken, we're around the holidays, but it's a couple of days now and the

Bug#914960: openbox: Missing alternative in recommends

2018-11-28 Thread Oliver Schode
Package: openbox Version: 3.6.1-7 Severity: minor Hi! Openbox recommends obconf, which is GTK based, but there's also a Qt-version available, obconf-qt, providing roughly equivalent functionality. I'd like to suggest both being recommended as an option. Recommendations should be satisfiable

Bug#910043: links2: misspelled options in help and man page

2018-10-01 Thread Oliver Schode
Package: links2 Version: 2.17-1 Severity: minor Tags: upstream Hi, the following options as per man page and links2 -h -html-t-text-color <0>-<15> Text color in text mode. -html-t-link-color <0>-<15> Link color in text mode. -html-t-background-color <0>-<7>

Bug#908642: libnet-pcap-perl: Missing export in Pcap.pm

2018-09-12 Thread Oliver Schode
Package: libnet-pcap-perl Version: 0.18-2+b2 Severity: normal Hi, it seems that Pcap.pm doesn't export `pcap_close` quite as intended, so e.g. sudo pcapinfo just fails with "Undefined subroutine ::pcap_close called at /usr/bin/pcapinfo line 55." Regards, Oliver -- System

Bug#904627: cons: unusable due to obsolete dependency on cwd in @INC

2018-07-25 Thread Oliver Schode
Package: cons Version: Severity: grave Tags: a11y upstream Justification: renders package unusable Dear Maintainer, cons unfortunately fails immediately and no longer succeeds on building even a single C source file: do "Construct" failed, '.' is no longer in @INC; did you

Bug#903093: ddir: Spurious close on dirhandle

2018-07-05 Thread Oliver Schode
Package: ddir Version: 2016.1029+gitce9f8e4-1 Severity: important Tags: patch upstream Hello, ddir is fairly broken on my machine due to a possible typo in what appears to be a more recent addition. Use closedir instead of close: 496c496 < closedir $DIR or warn "Close failure: $ERRNO

Bug#847918: python3-pip: Can be closed.

2017-07-11 Thread Oliver Schode
Package: python3-pip Followup-For: Bug #847918 Hi, this report can be closed. As could've been deduced from the error message, the crash was rather due to a local version conflict between pip and Setuptools. It appears I had accidentally updated my system version of the latter, instead of a user

Bug#860395: cppcheck: Missing reference to gui package.

2017-04-15 Thread Oliver Schode
Package: cppcheck Version: 1.76.1-1 Severity: minor Hi there! ´cppcheck´ is currently without suggestion/recommendation, yet there is a gui package. Please include some reference to ´cppcheck-gui´, I think a suggestion would do the trick. Thank you. Oliver -- System Information: Debian

Bug#847918: python3-pip: Exception on 'pip3 list --outdated'

2016-12-12 Thread Oliver Schode
Package: python3-pip Version: 9.0.1-1 Severity: normal Tags: upstream Pip3 fails when attempting to list only outdated packages with pip3 list -o: Exception: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/pip/basecommand.py", line 215, in main status =

Bug#799427: links2: Links segfaults on selecting Version in "About" menu

2015-09-18 Thread Oliver Schode
Package: links2 Version: 2.11-1 Severity: normal Tags: upstream Hi, when invoking the About window from the Help menu and then selecting 'Version', Links will crash immediately. Back in the shell I'm left with the following information: ''' INTERNAL ERROR at menu.c.:211: menu_version: text