Bug#898544: gnuradio: GNURadio Companion : the Instrumentation / Qt / "Qt GUI Time Sink" block is not available

2018-05-13 Thread Laurent Brulet
Package: gnuradio Version: Severity: important Dear Maintainer, The issue: Within GNU Radio Companion (, in the block list at right of the window. The "Qt GUI Time Sink" block is not present in Instrumentation / Qt section (but it should). I suspect the cause of this

Bug#930391: frei0r-plugins-dev: Missing header files in /usr/include directory

2019-06-11 Thread Laurent BRULET
Package: frei0r-plugins-dev Version: 1.6.1-2 Severity: important Dear Maintainer, I was trying to build a frei0r plugin I wrote in C++. But the compilation failed because the header file frei0r.hpp was not present in /usr/include The unique present header file is frei0r.h which allows to build