Bittorrent Tracker used by Debian

2020-03-23 Thread Dan Nicholson

At Endless we've been using bttrack from bittornado for our tracker and
haven't (to my knowledge) had any issues with it, but I suspect our torrent
usage is fairly low. In any case, it seems that bittornado has been removed
from bullseye and newer since it hasn't been migrated to python 3.

What tracker software is used for Is it packaged in
debian? Any others that were considered or tried? A couple years ago I'd
been looking at opentracker but it wasn't packaged for debian (I do have
some WIP packages for it) and upstream appears to be stalled/dead.


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Re: Documenting the generation of the live images in Debian

2020-03-23 Thread Steve McIntyre
Hi Roland!

On Sat, Mar 21, 2020 at 05:27:55PM +0100, Roland Clobus wrote:
>Hello Steve McIntyre, Eduard Bloch and lists,
>On 11/07/2019 12:21, Steve McIntyre wrote on debian-live:
>> On Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 03:13:48PM +0700, Azure Zanculmarktum wrote:
>>> Where can I find the source to build debian live? ... the live-build
>> The setup we use is in git:
>As part of my documentation effort for live-manual, I would like to
>include the procedure for the official Debian CD image generation (which
>will effectively replace chapter 16) in
>This mail is rather technical, but I want to document the steps that
>I've taken.
>From what I've seen in the live-setup repository [5], there are two
>strategies for generating Debian CD images.
>A) Use lb config (run-30live-build)
>B) Use lwr (run-30live-wrapper)
>I downloaded 'debian-live-10.3.0-amd64-standard.iso' from [1], which
>contains the string 'Official Debian GNU/Linux Live 10.3.0 standard
>2020-02-08T12:27'. This string is generated by the run-30live-wrapper
>script, so I assume that the official images are generated by method B, lwr.

Correct. We used to use live-build up to and including 8.x (Jessie). Then
we switched to live-wrapper.

>I've read through run-30live-wrapper, and I think by now I have
>correctly extracted the commands for the generation of the Debian Stable
>CDs, but I'm unsure how to proceed.
>I have the following questions/requests:
>* lwr depends on vmdebootstrap, which is currently only in Buster
>(stable). According to its author vmdebootstrap is to be replaced by
>vmdb2 or something else [2]. Is someone working on this?

The current live-wrapper code, and vmdebootstrap, are both basically
dead IMHO. I've suggested moving to something else supported like FAI
instead, like the Debian cloud images. highvoltage has other
ideas. I'm not working on anything live-related at all any more.

>* I've seen a huge speed-up when I'm using a ramdisk, but that needs a
>merge request to be accepted [3].
>  When invoking 'chroot' in live-setup/available/ the
>variable TMPDIR must not be set, otherwise it is not possible to
>generate temporary files within the chroot.

Ah, thanks for mentioning. For some reason I'd not seen any
notifications for that. Now merged.

>* To reduce the amount of downloads, I am using a slightly patched
>version of apt-cacher-ng, in order to be able to use the installer. See
>my bug report [4]

ACK. On the official build machine we have a local mirror on the host,
and the VMs doing the build all point to that.

>  The live-wrapper script downloads the installer, but apt-cacher-ng
>rejects a path ending in a slash. The following command simulates this
>  wget -S
>* The run-30live-wrapper mentions wheezy and jessie, so it is rather old
>I would like to add to the live-manual the steps to build an image from
>the current stable and testing versions of Debian. Do you have
>hints/ideas how I can proceed?

It sounds like you understand the process well already!

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge,
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2020-03-23 Thread Kayla
How long should I wait before you respond to my message after sending
an email to you?,