Default security sources are slow very much.

2020-02-04 Thread ykla
OK, the install cd ask me to change mirrors to download somethings but not
changes security sources. Default source is
that is slow very much, about 1kb/s on my area. Please change security
sources when os changes main source or ban security while installing

Debootstrap Aarch64 base system.not include package haveged

2020-02-04 Thread ykla
Debootstrap aarch64 base system not includes haveged, It makes many errors
for ssh. SSH only open after local user login.Please add haveged default.

Set root password will not install sudo

2020-02-04 Thread ykla
If you set root password when you installs debian, then system will not
install package sudo. But debian ban root login default. So install CD
should install sudo whether user sets root password.