Processed: breaks when #included after

2018-05-15 Thread Debian Bug Tracking System
Processing control commands: > affects -1 + src:systemd libmount-dev Bug #898743 [linux-libc-dev,libc6-dev] breaks when #included after Added indication that 898743 affects src:systemd and libmount-dev -- 898743: Debian Bug Tracking

Bug#898743: breaks when #included after

2018-05-15 Thread Helmut Grohne
Package: linux-libc-dev,libc6-dev Severity: serious Justification: makes systemd ftbfs User: Usertags: rebootstrap Control: affects -1 + src:systemd libmount-dev systemd FTBFS here, because compiling load-fragment.c fails. I spent a while minimizing that file and it boils down