Bug#671036: libc6-pic: outdated package description

2012-05-01 Thread Justin B Rye
Package: libc6-pic Version: 2.13-31 Severity: wishlist Tags: patch Package descriptions for normal libraries that are pulled in automatically by install- or build-time dependencies aren't usually worth reviewing, but libc6-pic (and its variants) is a case where people should be able to find it

Bug#671036: outdated package description

2012-05-01 Thread Justin B Rye
Tags: patch Oops! Attached this time. -- JBR Ankh kak! (Ancient Egyptian blessing) diff -ru eglibc-2.13.pristine/debian/control eglibc-2.13/debian/control --- eglibc-2.13.pristine/debian/control 2012-05-01 12:26:38.0 +0100 +++ eglibc-2.13/debian/control 2012-05-01 13:07:42.679392659

Bug#568753: locales: belongs in Section: localization

2010-02-07 Thread Justin B Rye
Package: locales Version: 2.10.2-5 Severity: wishlist Tags: patch All the packages that provide internationalisation data are moving out of Section: libs and into their own private part of the archive; but locales and locales-all haven't followed them. There's no obvious reason for libc's l10n