Bug#934080: [libc6] Significant degradation in the memory effectivity of the memory allocator

2019-08-14 Thread Florian Weimer
* Roman Savochenko: >> Is there a way to reproduce your results easily? Upstream, we're >> looking for workloads which are difficult to handle for glibc's malloc >> and its default settings, so that we hopefully can improve things >> eventually. > > This way of the ready builds of the

Bug#934752: libc6: SEGFAULTs caused by tcache after upgrade to Buster

2019-08-14 Thread Pavel Matěja
Package: glibc Version: 2.28-10:amd64 Dear Maintainer, We are running manually compiled Apache and OpenSSL on Debian servers in Debian-based chroots. After chroot upgrade from Stretch to Buster we started to see strange SEGFAULTs. The strange means they appear only on 2 servers out of 6.

Bug#607277: Fw:Mi auguro che la tua giornata di lavoro sia appagante

2019-08-14 Thread bpgm
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