2019-07-25 Thread Christopher Obbard
Also broken for me on Debian Sid amd64 with kernel version linux-image-4.19.0-5-amd64. Same error message. Selecting version 4.19.0-4 in the grub menu makes the error go away. This is a critical error and will no doubt break many systems so belongs to have an appropriate severity.

Bug#964036: linux: Please set CONFIG_HWLAT_TRACER=y

2020-06-30 Thread Christopher Obbard
Source: linux Severity: wishlist Dear Maintainer, Setting CONFIG_HWLAT_TRACER=y enables a tracer to detect hardware latencies with no overhead when not used. It is not designed to be run on a production system, but is a useful tracer to use in embedded systems. Other distros enable this