Re: Request for translation help: Fevermap / GPLv3 mobile app to track the pandemic

2020-03-22 Per discussione Vincenzo Barranco
I will translate it in Italian, I expect to send it in one hour or so . 

> On 22 Mar 2020, at 22:07, Otto Kekäläinen  wrote:
> Hello!
> This project is not (yet) in Debian, but as a fellow Debian developer
> I wanted to ask if anybody on this mailing list would be willing to
> translate our app?
> It is GPLv3 and source code available at
> To translate it copy, simply copy the en.json from
> translate it, and send it to me in email or submit it on Gitlab as a
> merge request.
> The UI is very simple and it takes just 15 minutes to translate it.
> Thank you!
> - Otto

Sono nuovo

2007-04-05 Per discussione Vincenzo Barranco

Sono un nuovo utente debian, siccome mi piace contribuire a vari
progetti di traduzione di software libero (ho già tradotto per kde e
gnome) vorrei impegnarmi ad aiutare pure debian.
Chiedo quindi cosa posso fare per iniziare subito a lavorare?