Bug#934787: Please switch to Python 3

2019-08-14 Thread Thomas Goirand
Source: live-wrapper Version: 0.10 Severity: important Hi, We're trying to remove Python 2.x from Bullseye. Please switch this package to Python 3. I had a quick look into it, and it does seem Py3 ready. Is there any blocker? Cheers, Thomas Goirand (zigo)

Bug#934742: console-setup package not installed, causes keyboard not being set correctly at runtime

2019-08-14 Thread Tomas Pospisek
Package: live-build Version: 1:20190311 Severity: normal When building a live medium, the `console-setup` package will *not* be installed in the live-medium by default. The consequence is that keyboard configuration parameters passed via live-config, as described in the manual: