Bug#895812: Fwd: RFS: json-editor.js/0.7.28+ds-1 [ITP]

2018-04-16 Thread Paolo Greppi
Ho Joel, thanks for your contribution ! Looking at your work there are a couple of things that can be improved: 1. I see that you set the Maintainer = Debian Javascript Maintainers. In that team normally we use git repos to keep track of the packaging; more precisely we use the

Bug#919413: RFS: doxygen/1.8.15-1~exp1 [ITA]

2019-01-15 Thread Paolo Greppi
le. Closes: #863054 -- Paolo Greppi Tue, 15 Jan 2019 18:17:17 +0100 Regards, Paolo Greppi

Bug#919413: ready for unstable

2019-02-03 Thread Paolo Greppi
I ran ratt, 31 of 729 packages genuinely FTBFS due to doxygen 1.8.15. More details here: https://salsa.debian.org/paolog-guest/doxygen/wikis/ratt-job-for-doxygen-1.8.15 All these failures are related to an issue with texlive-base 2018.20190126-1: https://bugs.debian.org/920621 and ultimately due

Bug#919413: here are the 9 bugs I created

2019-02-03 Thread Paolo Greppi
BTW, I retried uhd and actually it does not fail. So I created 9 new bugs: hwloc: https://bugs.debian.org/921293 fltk1.3: https://bugs.debian.org/921294 wcslib: https://bugs.debian.org/921295 ccfits: https://bugs.debian.org/921296 qevercloud: https://bugs.debian.org/921297 libstxxl:

Bug#919413: Bug#921293: hwloc: FTBFS with upcoming doxygen 1.8.15

2019-02-05 Thread Paolo Greppi
Il 04/02/19 09:15, Samuel Thibault ha scritto: > ... > Perhaps we just happen to use some doxygen commands which require this. > You can simply make doxygen-latex depend on the package that provides > listofitems.sty, texlive-plain-generic. > > Samuel good point ! doxygen-latex depends on

Bug#919413: cascade of FTBFS

2019-02-14 Thread Paolo Greppi
Hi Dominique, see below Il 14/02/2019 15:16, Dominique Dumont ha scritto: On Tuesday, 12 February 2019 16:54:12 CET Andreas Tille wrote: I'm not sure how to deal with the jquery.js one since this is potentially an issue with lots of dependencies - I remember discussions about this which I did

Bug#919413: ratt job complete

2019-02-10 Thread Paolo Greppi
The latest full ratt job on amd64 is complete: https://salsa.debian.org/paolog-guest/doxygen/wikis/ratt4 In synthesis, of 730 build deps of doxygen 59 failed but 51 "maybe unrelated to new changes" and only 8 seem due to the new doxygen version. I think no new issues appeared. Paolo

Bug#919413: fix and status update

2019-02-05 Thread Paolo Greppi
Following a suggestion by sthibault, I added texlive-plain-generic as build dep for doxygen-latex. With that change, I did a partial ratt job, focusing on the 9 build-dependencies of doxygen mentioned above. Details here: https://salsa.debian.org/paolog-guest/doxygen/wikis/ratt3 The new version

Bug#919413: latest ratt job

2019-03-06 Thread Paolo Greppi
I ran a new full ratt job after texlive-base 2018.20190131-2 fixed #920459. Of 732 packages built on amd64, 52 fail, but of those: - 33 "maybe unrelated to new changes" - 10 failed because of unsatisfied build dependencies (texlive-extra-utils, texlive-latex-extra, texlive-science,