Re: dh_python3 inocrrect dependancy

2014-07-05 Thread Tristan Seligmann
On 5 July 2014 02:44, Brian May wrote: I assumed it wasn't valid to have a line with only one value in that file. Then again, not sure where this file is documented. Would have thought maybe the dh_python2 man page, it isn't there. From the dh_python2 man page:

Re: Bug#753590: ITP: python-pyqtgraph -- Scientific Graphics and GUI Library for Python

2014-07-05 Thread Andreas Tille
Hi Gianfranco, On Sat, Jul 05, 2014 at 10:41:09AM +0100, Gianfranco Costamagna wrote: Hi Andreas, thanks for doing this! I propose also to change the maintainer if you think is better, don't know ;) IMHO the maintainer should be a team (either Debian Science or Debian Python) and it seems

Re: python 3 and django (was: Is python-django still maintained in DPMT svn?)

2014-07-05 Thread Brian May
On 28 June 2014 20:43, Brian May wrote: I personally will need python3-mysqldb, python3-psycopg, and python3-flup (or equivalent). python3-psycopg: was replaced with python3-psycopg2, packages are available in wheezy and sid already. Have updated svn not to refer to the