Request for joining the PAPT team

2016-07-20 Thread Valentin Samir
Hi, I'll like to join the PAPT team to maintain my package (policyd-rate- limit [1]) within the team. I have filled an ITP bug (#831456) and Scott Kitterman advise my to join the PAPT team. My Alioth login is nit-guest, my IRC nick is Nit (I have joined #debian-python). I'll never used svn

Bug#831854: ITP: python-signaller -- Signals and slots with asyncio support

2016-07-20 Thread Michael Fladischer
Package: wnpp Severity: wishlist Owner: Michael Fladischer -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA512 * Package name: python-signaller Version : 1.1.0 Upstream Author : Michal Krenek * URL :