Request to join Python team

2019-07-27 Thread Otto Kekäläinen

I would like to join the Python packaging team.

My intention is to adopt rdiff-backup

My Salsa username is 'otto'. I have read and agree with:

- Otto Kekäläinen

increased build time and disk usage for scipy with pybuild

2019-07-27 Thread Drew Parsons

I've uploaded python-scipy 1.2.2 to unstable.

Previously the build system ran through distutils, but dh now gives an 
error on that, and says pybuild should be used instead.  So I 
reorganised debian/rules to use dh --buildsystem=pybuild.  I also 
reorganised rules to stop the second invocation of dh in the build-arch 

The build completes successfully.  But it is taking 3 times longer than 
it did before.  It is also using around 75% more disk space than before.

I guess the increase is probably not due to the new 1.2.2 release 
itself, otherwise I'd have expected an increase also in 1.2.1 (in 
experimental) compared to 1.1.0, which didn't happen.  I figure it's 
probably not simply that the buildds are busy catching up after the 
buster release, since I'm not seeing an increase in build time of other 
packages.  pybuild seems a more likely culprit (if not some other aspect 
of debhelper compatibility level 12. Previously debhelper 9 was used).

Is an increase in build resources like this known to happen when pybuild 
is used instead of distutils?