Request to join the Python team

2019-07-28 Thread Utkarsh Gupta
Hey, I would like to join the DPMT and PAPT team (yes, both! :D). I am a DM[1] and maintain packages under the Ruby, Golang, JS, and the Perl team. My QA profile could be found here[2]. Within the Python team, I would like to help maintain the existing packages, and also package a few new

Joining the DPMT

2019-07-28 Thread Peter Wienemann
Hi, I am one of the maintainers of the Charliecloud package [0]. The most recent version of Charliecloud (0.10) has added new python dependencies (lark [1] and its dependencies). Some of them are not yet available in Debian. My salsa login is wiene-guest. I read the DPMT policy [2] and I accept

Re: increased build time and disk usage for scipy with pybuild

2019-07-28 Thread Drew Parsons
On 2019-07-27 22:04, Drew Parsons wrote: I've uploaded python-scipy 1.2.2 to unstable. Previously the build system ran through distutils, but dh now gives an error on that, and says pybuild should be used instead. So I reorganised debian/rules to use dh --buildsystem=pybuild. I also

Please help fix pydoctor

2019-07-28 Thread Ian Jackson
Hi, Python folks. I think help is needed regarding #932584 python-pydoctor: Epydoc will be removed It seems to be languishing rather. What I don't understand is why pydoctor depends on epydoc given that, in the words of the Description: [Pydoctor] was written primarily to replace epydoc

Re: Request to join Python team

2019-07-28 Thread Ondrej Novy
Hi, so 27. 7. 2019 v 15:41 odesílatel Otto Kekäläinen napsal: > I would like to join the Python packaging team. > welcome :) -- Best regards Ondřej Nový