Severity bump script

2019-11-10 Thread Ondrej Novy
Hi Sandro, -- Forwarded message - > We are going to raise the severity of the py2removal bugs to "serious" in several steps. In the > first phase we are going to raise severity of the py2removal bugs for > all leaf module packages and low popcon (< 300) application packages. >

Python 2 removal in sid/bullseye: Progress and next steps

2019-11-10 Thread Ondřej Nový
Hi, We are aiming to remove Python 2 for the bullseye release, or at least remove as many Python 2 related packages as possible. Python 2 is discontinued upstream, but crucially, more and more providers of Python modules don't support Python 2 in either the current or future upstream version.

Re: Policy About Maintainer and Uploaders Fields (was: PAPT: join request)

2019-11-10 Thread Thomas Goirand
On 11/10/19 1:20 AM, Sandro Tosi wrote: > is there any public trace of these "many voices"? Just like when we discussed moving away from SVN to Git, we can't know the exact number unless we have a kind of poll/vote (but we don't actually *have* to start such poll... I'm just saying it's hard to