Possible MBF for SyntaxWarning with Python 3.8

2019-12-05 Thread Stuart Prescott
Hi all, Python 3.8 generates a SyntaxWarning when it sees code that is most probably incorrect such as if foo is 0: ... if bar is not 'quux': ... if baz is (): ... When the Debian package is installed, py3compile sees such code and causes a

Re: Prefered way to RFS

2019-12-05 Thread Louis-Philippe Véronneau
On 19-12-05 01 h 50, Håvard Flaget Aasen wrote: > Thanks! > > Is this something that could be added here? > https://wiki.debian.org/Python/GitPackaging#Sponsoring.2C_mentoring.2C_reviewing Sure. This is also documented on this page, although it might not be the best place for it:

Joining PAPT

2019-12-05 Thread Scott Talbert
Hi, I'm already a member of DPMT, I would like to join PAPT as well so I can also contribute to those packages. I have read the policy and accept it. Salsa ID: swt2c-guest Thanks, Scott

Re: Joining the DPMT Team

2019-12-05 Thread Ondrej Novy
Hi, st 4. 12. 2019 v 17:07 odesílatel Boyuan Yang napsal: > ... Can > anyone add me into the DPMT Team? My Salsa account is @byang. > done. -- Best regards Ondřej Nový

Re: Severity bump script

2019-12-05 Thread Paul Gevers
Hi, On 03-12-2019 13:19, Matthias Klose wrote: > It's unfortunate that issues for some packages only get attention when the > severity of an issue is raised. Following your proposal means that the issue > is > probably ignored forever, and you don't propose a better way going forward, > just >