Request to join python-team

2020-07-16 Thread Francisco Vilmar Cardoso Ruviaro

Hi team,

My name is Francisco Vilmar Cardoso Ruviaro, I would like to be part of the
team, recently Samuel Henrique sponsored ProtonVPN-CLI [0], the package is in
the team directory. I would like to contribute with some current packages that
are already in the team, when possible, but mainly keep my current package
within the team.

I read and accept the policy [1][2]. My Salsa username is fvcr [3].



Francisco Vilmar Cardoso Ruviaro 
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Re: mercurial switch to python3 in debian unstable - July 16th, 2020

2020-07-16 Thread Sandro Tosi
> If we dont hear otherwise, we plan to upload the python3 version of
> mercurial in unstable on or around next Thursday, July 16th.

mercurial/5.4.1-2 has just been uploaded to unstable, switching it to
use python3.

Sandro "morph" Tosi
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Re: The python command in Debian

2020-07-16 Thread Sandro Tosi
> It seems to be a little bit more controversial what should happen to the 
> python
> command in the long term.  Some people argue that python should never point to
> python3, because it's incompatible,

> however Debian will have difficulties to
> explain that decision to users who start with Python3 and are not aware of 
> the 2
> to 3 transition.

can you explain this point? i think if a new developer starts with
python3 now (and i have plenty of examples at my company) they just
use `python3` on the commandline, shebangs, venv, etc. I dont see the
confusion we would create.

> So yes, in the long term, Debian should have a python command
> again.

I dont think that's the right decision. PEP 0394
( allows distribution not to
ship `python` at all:

* If the python command is installed, it is expected to invoke either
the same version of Python as the python3 command or as the python2
* Distributors may choose to set the behavior of the python command as follows:
** python2,
** python3,
** not provide python command,
** allow python to be configurable by an end user or a system administrator.

> One solution could be not to ship the python command in bullseye, forcing 
> users
> to adjust their local installations.

it is my opinion that that's what we should do: not ship `python` at
all and have users/packagers/developers use either python2 or python3
as needed, and not to reintroduce `python` at a later time.

Sandro "morph" Tosi
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Re: py2removal RC severity updates - 2019-12-22 17:36:38.269399+00:00

2020-07-16 Thread Sandro Tosi
> src:dbus-python cannot drop its Python 2 support until all of the reverse
> dependencies of python-dbus have done so (or been removed from testing, but
> that's unlikely to happen while they include key packages like avahi,
> jackd2 and pyqt5).

this is now the case: bin:python-dbus has no more reverse dependencies
(that are not RC and/or being removed from testing), see dak output:

Checking reverse dependencies...
# Broken Depends:
dbus-python: python-dbus-dbg  **Internal deps
ladish: ladish   ** removed from testing in May 2020
neard: neard-tools   ** removed from testing in Dec 2019
wicd: wicd-daemon   ** removed from testing in Oct 2019

So please proceed with drooping python-dbus as soon as possible.
Currently python-dbus is the sole rdep of python-gi, which then could
be dropped when python-dbus is gone.

Let me know if you need help with this activity: i'm available to NMU
or team upload src:dbus-python if that's preferred

Sandro "morph" Tosi
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joining team / salsa access

2020-07-16 Thread Jojo


I'd like to join the debian python modules and application teams to be 
able to push my gbp packing sources to

I've read and understood

Packages are:

- python3-discogs-client (using pristine tar)
  source package name: python-discogs-client

- python3-webdavclient(using pristine tar)
  source package name: python-discogs-client

- discodos (not using pristine tar)

zigo was helping/mentoring the packaging and is about to do the final 
reviews and ftp uploads.

thanks a lot


Re: Request to join Python Modules Team

2020-07-16 Thread Thomas Goirand
On 7/15/20 12:02 PM, Ondrej Novy wrote:
> Hi,
> út 14. 7. 2020 v 23:18 odesílatel Geert Stappers  > napsal:
> And please enlighten me (and us (through the mailinglist))
> what is holding back
> huh, this is a bit rude.

I don't agree Geert is being rude. Besides that, I know Geert (from
Debconfs) to be a nice and polite person that isn't rude with others.

Please assume good faith.

Thomas Goirand (zigo)