Re: [Python-modules-team] [Python-modules-commits] [mpmath] 01/01: d/copyright: Changed licence shortname BSD -> BSD-3-clause

2016-05-02 Thread Barry Warsaw
On Apr 30, 2016, at 07:21 PM, Ondrej Novy wrote: >announced before: > Thanks! I must have missed it, but you did the right thing. -Barry PS: why do we have two mailing lists?! :( :( pgpnvPRcM4YYn.pgp

Re: python-mkdocs new dependancy

2016-05-02 Thread Brian May
Dmitry Shachnev writes: > Your plan LGTM, though I would still use to install the themes > (with passing appropriate --install-lib), to make sure that the egg-info > directory (with entry points declarations) is still installed. > > And then patch mkdocs to add