Re: Bug#850789: Patch upload not showing up in deferred queue

2017-01-10 Thread Gianfranco Costamagna
control: tags -1 patch

>It's not useful for me to spare the maintainer(s) the work?  I figured if I 
>could do the footwork and let the maintainer just review and approve the 
>patch, they >would be happy.

you already opened a bug, provided a patch and I'm tagging this bug accordingly.
The maintainer will probably upload the package with some more changes in some 
(uploading a src:python3 package with just a change in watch file is an 
overkill, people will
upgrade their pc with MB of stuff, just because of a "useless to them" 
packaging change).
Moreover the Debian Maintainer is also upstream developer, so he knows when a 
new version is out :)

thanks for the patch, I'm sure it will be eventually added!


Re: Bug#850789: Patch upload not showing up in deferred queue

2017-01-10 Thread Matthias Klose
On 11.01.2017 00:37, Taylor Kline wrote:
> I uploaded a patch for Python3 about ~15 hours ago, but it's not
> showing up on
> Attempting to upload again does indicate that it should have
> successfully uploaded:
> $ dput -e 10 python3-defaults_3.5.1-4.1_amd64.changes
> Trying to upload package to ftp-master (
> Package has already been uploaded to ftp-master on
> Nothing more to do for python3-defaults_3.5.1-4.1_amd64.changes
> Does it take > 15 hours for an upload to show up? Is there something I
> am missing?

please don't upload this package.  You filed a bug report with severity wishlist
today, so you should give maintainers a chance to react to it.

Thanks, Matthias

Re: #850098 subliminal: change of upstream structure

2017-01-10 Thread Hans-Christoph Steiner

I don't work on any of those packages, but I think your logic makes sense.


Carl Suster:
> I see that subliminal is currently using the tarballs from PyPI and then
> patching in the source for the nautilus extension which is of course
> absent from there. Also the Github-hosted tarballs include a test suite
> which is not in the PyPI tarballs.
> It seems that the upstream nautilus extension has now moved to a
> different dedicated upstream repo:
> Unfortunately this repository does not seem to have versioned releases,
> and has not seen an update in several months. My thinking is that if we
> continue to provide the nautilus extension at all, it should be built by
> a new source package src:subliminal-nautilus (which could potentially
> also build the nemo extension provided in a different branch of the
> upstream repo) tracking snapshots of the upstream git.
> I am happy to work on this as part of packaging the latest upstream
> release, but I just wanted to check before I do so that:
>   1) the source split I proposed is sensible (if so I'll probably just
> drop the nautilus extension for now and reopen
> until I repackage the extension in its
> new home), and
>   2) if the split is ok, which if either Python packaging team would
> make a good home for the nautilus extension, and
>   3) it's ok to change the tarballs to the Github ones and update the
> d/watch accordingly. The point of this would be to be able to run the
> test suite.
> Cheers,
> Carl