python-gevent, python-greenlet, debug packages, hurd, and testing.

2018-07-22 Thread peter green
(sorry if this is long winded, but I feel the need to explain the situation so-far, the important bit of this mail is the last few paragraphs) python-gevent cannot currently be built in testing because it has a build-dependency on python-greenlet (>= 0.4.13) but testing only has 0.4.12-2. This

Bug#904269: RFS: rurple-ng/0.5+16-2, only packaging updates

2018-07-22 Thread Thomas Koch
Package: sponsorship-requests Severity: minor -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA256 Dear mentors, I am looking for a sponsor for updates to my existing package "rurple-ng": It builds those binary packages: rurple-ng - learn programming in