[salsa] please add me as member of DMPT

2018-11-01 Thread Samuel Henrique

Please add samueloph to the DPMT group at salsa, I'm already part of the
PAPT group. I uploaded a new release of gui-ufw and I have to push my


Samuel Henrique 

Looking for a new maintainer for ocrfeeder

2018-11-01 Thread Alberto Garcia

I would like to give up the maintainership of the ocrfeeder package.
Python is not one of my main areas of interest or expertise and I
would prefer to have someone else taking care of it.

Maintaining ocrfeeder should not require much time. The upstream
development has been stalled for a while and there hasn't been any
new releases since 2014, although upstream does react when there are
critical bug fixes, new translations, etc. For Debian this has meant
less than one upload per year since the last upstream release.

The package is officially assigned (in debian/control) to the python
apps team although I've been the sole maintainer in practice. Because
of this I don't know if I should file an RFA bug or if it's enough
that I announce my intentions here.

Anyway this is not urgent, and I can still take care of it for a bit
longer if needed until someone confirms their intent to take it.

Here's the repo that I use:


I just realized that the package's Vcs-Svn field points to a broken
address, so that should probably be updated.

If anyone has questions or comments, please ask.

Best regards,