Re: Re add my account?

2019-02-11 Thread Nicholas D Steeves
Hi Andreas, On Fri, Feb 08, 2019 at 11:52:55AM +0100, Andreas Noteng wrote: >Hello, I am a DM who have not been active for a few years, but I can still >se my name in the list of DMs. Now coming back I see that quite a few >things have changed. Most noteably our packages has moved to

Remove python-social-auth?

2019-02-11 Thread W. Martin Borgert
Hi, I like to make python-social-auth a transitional package which installs social-auth-core and social-auth-app-django. Which is practically the new project by upstream. Or just remove it? We don't want python-social-auth in buster, do we? TIA & Cheers

Re: upstream release of unreleased package

2019-02-11 Thread daniel
On 10/2/19 21:37, Brian May wrote: This is your first error. Changes to debian/* files belong to the debian/master branch, not the patch-queue/debian/master branch. So you should be finalise the changes to the patch-queue first, then run something like "gbp pq export" which will switch back the