Joining Python Modules Team

2019-08-11 Thread Moritz Mühlenhoff
Hi, I noticed that subliminal is not in Buster due to various RC bugs and would like to take care of it going forward, can you please add me to the Python Modules Team project on Salsa? I'll upgrade it to the latest version (along with babelfish, guessit and python-rebulk which also need more

Re: Bug#934398: RM: beanstalkc -- ROM; no Python 3 subpackage and no reverse deps

2019-08-11 Thread Apollon Oikonomopoulos
[Cc-ing debian-python] Hi Andrey, On 21:53 Sat 10 Aug , Andrey Rahmatullin wrote: > Package: > Severity: normal > > The code seems to support Python 3 but there is no subpackage. > > Reverse deps checked by dak rm -Rnb python-beanstalkc beanstalkc is used by beanstalkd's