Joining Python Modules Team

2019-08-11 Thread Moritz Mühlenhoff
I noticed that subliminal is not in Buster due to various RC bugs and would like
to take care of it going forward, can you please add me to the Python Modules 
project on Salsa?

I'll upgrade it to the latest version (along with babelfish, guessit and 
which also need more recent releases and are maintained by PMT), local build is 
fine for me. I'll also drop Python 2 from the packages.


Re: Bug#934398: RM: beanstalkc -- ROM; no Python 3 subpackage and no reverse deps

2019-08-11 Thread Apollon Oikonomopoulos
[Cc-ing debian-python]

Hi Andrey,

On 21:53 Sat 10 Aug , Andrey Rahmatullin wrote:
> Package:
> Severity: normal
> The code seems to support Python 3 but there is no subpackage.
> Reverse deps checked by dak rm -Rnb python-beanstalkc

beanstalkc is used by beanstalkd's DEP-8 tests, which as a consequence 
have just been broken. The fact that dak doesn't care about autopkgtests 
makes `dak rm -Rnb` especially tricky and we shouldn't rely on just that 
to get an idea whether a package can be safely removed or not. It would 
be nice if dak had a notion of "Test-Depends" of course, but I don't 
think this information exists in the archive's metadata currently.

While I understand the urge to get Python 2 out of bullseye as early as 
possible, I don't feel happy about how this particular case was handled, 
and I notice that it is not in agreement with what was posted on 

In all honesty and leaving [1] aside, I would very much have preferred 
if you had done one of the following instead:

 - Open an RC bug on the package to add Python-3 support in the first 
   place, which would have given me more time to react and at least 
   spare me writing this e-mail and filing for an ITP in the middle of 

 - X-Debbugs-Cc at bug report time,
   as finding out at the time of *removal* is arguably too late.

Please keep these in mind before filing for future removals.