Bug#935446: RM: flower -- RoQA; orphaned; RC-buggy; low popcon; no Python 3 support and no reverse deps

2019-08-22 Thread Andrey Rahmatullin
Package: ftp.debian.org Severity: normal User: debian-python@lists.debian.org Usertag: py2removal The package is Python 2 only and depends on celery which is Python 3 only. It also depends on libjs-twitter-bootstrap which will be removed too (#908424). The upstream code supports Python 3.

Bug#935395: RFP: python3-anytree -- Tree data library

2019-08-22 Thread Simon McVittie
Package: wnpp Severity: wishlist * Package name: python3-anytree Version : 2.6.0 Upstream Author : "c0fec0de" * URL : https://github.com/c0fec0de/anytree https://pypi.org/project/anytree/ * License : Apache 2.0 Programming Lang: Python

Re: py2-rm: a few leaf packages to work on

2019-08-22 Thread Joseph Herlant
I'll try to take care of the asciidoc* ones over the weekend even if there's no official release of asciidoc with python3 support yet (and upstream advises to use asciidoctor instead). Joseph