2to3 adds '.' in front dir of "from dir import ..." statements (Was: [MoM] lefse migration to python 3])

2019-09-09 Thread Andreas Tille
Hi, in the process of the Python3 migration the package lefse was converted using 2to3. The changes can be found in git[1]. I'm wondering about the following diff created by 2to3: - from lefse import * + from .lefse import * When calling a random binary of the resulting binary package

Re: Taking over the package maintainership of Pyroute2 in the DPMT

2019-09-09 Thread Vincent Bernat
❦ 8 septembre 2019 00:04 +02, Thomas Goirand : > As a consequence, and because it's becoming problematic to see Pyroute2 > removed from testing for me, I do believe that it is time this package > joins the DPMT (ie: Debian Python Module Team). This way, you can > continue to work on "your"

Re: Re: Bug#920127: Removed package(s) from unstable

2019-09-09 Thread Ondrej Novy
Hi, po 9. 9. 2019 v 5:37 odesílatel Sandro Tosi napsal: > Nope. This package did not see an upload since Aug 2013. it was > orphaned since Jan 2019. Nobody stepped up. It ended up removed. > > If the upstream author or a debian packager wants it in debian, it's > easy enough to re-introduce it.