PAPT: join request

2019-11-07 Thread intrigeri
Hi, Louis-Philippe Véronneau is in the process of adopting the bookletimposer package (that I've been maintaining alone so far) under the PAPT umbrella; I'll co-maintain and sponsor; therefore, I need to join the PAPT. My Salsa handle is: intrigeri I've read

RFS: python-opentracing

2019-11-07 Thread Fabrice BAUZAC-STEHLY
Hi, I have prepared a package for python-opentracing [1] and I think it is now ready for review. Could anyone sponsor it? [1] Thanks a lot! Best regards -- Fabrice BAUZAC-STEHLY PGP 015AE9B25DCB0511D200A75DE5674DEA514C891D

Request to join DPMT and PAPT teams

2019-11-07 Thread Rhuan Carlos
I'm interest to join DPMT and PAPT packaging teams because i want to help maintain some python modules and applications and future modules/apps made by myself. I subscribed in this mail list and my salsa login is: @rhuancpq-guest I have read and agree to policy of both teams and know about how

Re: Adding Python 3.8 as a supported Python3 version

2019-11-07 Thread Thibaut Paumard
Le 07/11/2019 à 15:08, Matthias Klose a écrit : > [1] Thanks Matthias. I've added the following point to "common upstream issues": * Embedding Python: modules are not linked with libpython3.8 anymore, but programs that embed Python still need to link

Adding Python 3.8 as a supported Python3 version

2019-11-07 Thread Matthias Klose
This weekend, I am planning to upload python3-defaults, adding python3.8 as a supported Python3 version. This may introduce some churn in unstable until the basic binNMUs are available as well. Details for the addition can be found at [1], known issues and patches are filed [2]. There was