Request to join the PAPT (already a member of DPMT)

2020-01-27 Thread Nicholas D Steeves
Hi, I'd like to join the PAPT, since the PAPT is the best place for an RFP that I've chosen to work on. I am already a member of the DPMT, so have already accepted Team Policy, and of course have accepted remaining in compliance with its changes. My Salsa login is "sten-guest" Regards,

pybuild with more than one binary package

2020-01-27 Thread Ole Streicher
Hi, we have a source package (older packaging attempt in gavodachs [1], Arch:all) that builds a number of binary packages. Specifically: python3-gavo-stc gavo/stc/ python3-gavo-utils gavo/utils/, gavo/imp python3-gavo-votable gavo/votable python3-gavo all other gavo/* + 2 entry